Daily Health Tips: Challenges With Erection

Q: Good evening Doctor, job well done. Please Doc, my fiancé didn’t have erection recently. Please what might cause pile and what is the solution ma’am? Thank you

A: Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, occurs when a man is no longer able to get or maintain an erection sufficiently enough to have sexual intercourse. It may be dramatic in some men, such that where they used to want intercourse very frequently, they find that there is reduced sexual desire.

Oftentimes, this may be due to just stress and better stress coping mechanisms help. However, because this is a sensitive topic, many men do not seek medical help such that this causes significant strain in their relationships. Other causes include depressions, relationship challenges, high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, high blood sugar, obesity, some medications, tobacco use, substance abuse, alcoholism etc

His doctor will probably order some tests to confirm possible cause(s) and then decide on a course of action. Now I know that quite a number of men are quick to go and buy Viagra and some even overdose on it thinking the more they take the better the performance 😀 Please don’t do that! More seriously, these drugs are not for everyone and so if he has Diabetes Mellitus, heart disease, if he has had a stroke etc, please he needs to mention these to his doctor…and indeed he should not self-prescribe any of these (or indeed any other) drugs for himself.

Treatment depends on cause. If this is emotional, psychological or due to stress etc, some degree of counselling may help. Other treatment options include oral medications like Sildenafil (Viagra), penis pumps, implants, injections etc. Let him speak with his doctor to find out what options are available to him.

Remember that this does not mean that your partner no longer desires you. To encourage him, please be a part of his therapy. Encourage your partner to be open about what is going on to his doctor so he can work with him to find the ideal solution.

And for pile, click on this link for more information on causes and treatment: https://chatwithdrketch.com/2017/07/24/daily-health-tips-help-please-i-have-chronic-piles-haemorrhoids-2/

All the best!

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