Daily Health Tips: What Do I Do About The Hair Growing On My Chin?


Q: Hi Dr Ketch. Thanks for a job well done. It’s only God that can reward you abundantly. I am not sure if this question is appropriate here, but I still believe you will help me out. Doc, there is this hair that has been growing on my chin a long time ago. I usually shaved it then but I stopped doing it when I noticed that it keeps increasing. As a young lady, am not feeling comfortable with it and it is really weighing me down. I am counting on you ma’am. Please, help me out. Thanks and God bless

A: Thank you so much for your kind words. And Amen to your prayers.

What you’ve described sounds like hirsutism which is a situation in which there is excessive hairiness in a woman in places like the face, chest and back. Funny enough, growing up, very hairy ladies were…

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