Daily Health Tips: Why Do I Feel Sad When I Breastfeed?


Hello, y’all 😀 I hope you missed my post yesterday. I apologize. I was completely exhausted. It has been a long couple of weeks for me. My body insisted on taking the much needed rest it required yesterday evening and the better part of today. I feel more human now 😀

How was your week? I hope y’all found time to rest today.

And now to the question I would have posted yesterday…

Q: Good day, ma’am. My baby is 4 months old and anytime, I breastfeed my baby, I feel sad. I don’t know the cause. Should I stop breastfeeding? Looking forward to your sweet reply.

A: Congratulations on your new baby 😀
Everyone talks about how fleeting the pain of childbirth is once the bundle of joy is held in the arms of the mother. It then appears ‘somewhat’ unnatural when mothers experience sadness in taking care of…

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