#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: My Baby’s Gums Have Darkened!

Q: Good evening ma’am. Thank you for the good work. May God continue to strengthen you. Please, my 8-month old baby suddenly has black gums. She already has two teeth. What could be the cause and what should I do?

A: Black gums could be due to heredity (it runs in families) or ethnicity (if you’re from the black race, you’re more likely to have dark gums). Having said that, though it is more likely in dark skinned people, it can also happen in other ethnicities. Just as excessive exposure to sunlight can cause people to get darker, the same can happen to your gums.

However, it could also be due to diseases or certain drugs.
Diseases in which the pigment responsible for dark skin (melanin) is produced in excessive amounts, smoking, poor oral hygiene and even some anti-malarial drugs can cause dark gums.

If your baby’s case is due to ethnicity or heredity and you don’t mind it, then leave it well alone and let her smile away :D. However, treatment does exist for this and requires a dental procedure to be determined by the dentist at a suitable age. It could involve ‘peeling’ off the superficial outer layer of the gum where the darkness is or even gum bleaching etc. Where there is underlying disease, this also has to be treated and where smoking is the culprit (unikely in this baby :D), stopping is beneficial.

Enjoy the rest of the day and make sure you make today an extra special children’s day for your children or any child around you 😀

Have a great week ahead!


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