#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Smelly Period

Q: Hi, I have a problem. My periods smell really bad on the first day. Second day to my last day they are fine. What may be the problem?

A: Menstrual blood usually has some odour – not strong but definitely there as blood takes on its own scent as it comes in contact with air. The bacteria in menstrual flow can also raise a stench 😀

So how do you deal with this? Here are top tips to maintain personal hygiene and smell fresh during your period.

  • Take a bath regularly. Twice a day would be great or failing that at least once a day. If your flow is heavier than normal, you just may have to increase the frequency. Remember that to wash your delicate inner self where you’re bleeding from, you usually do not require more than water and your hands.
  • Change your sanitary towels often. As soon as you notice they are significantly stained, please change them. This should be every 4-6 hours at the very maximum. Aim for the lower limit 😀
  • Avoid scented products. Feminine sprays, scented wipes and scented pads or tampons can make menstrual odor worse as they contain chemicals that irritate the vagina, which can lead to increased discharge, infections and increased vaginal odor.
  • Carry a spare pack of deodorant and use that liberally whenever you have a pad change. Be sure not to attempt to smell like you soaked yourself in a bottle of perfume. It might also be a pointer that perhaps you’ve got something to hide.
  • Scrub your hands thoroughly after a pad change. Observe all the rules of proper hand washing. This ensures that you get rid of all the bacteria and may have got on your hands and ensures that you keep the odour level down.
  • Dispose of your sanitary towels properly. Do not flush them down the drain and if there is no trash can in the bathroom you are using to dispose of it, have a disposable ziplock bag to put it in and dispose it appropriately as soon as you can. Make sure that this is kept in a zipped up compartment of your bag.
  • If the odour persists or becomes very strong, please see your doctor and get tested for vaginal infections. Strong odor can signify infections like bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections or trichomoniasis. These infections can be easily treated with medications, and the odour will disappear as soon as the infection is treated.

Remember that, even when the smell is not so strong, you can smell your genitals oftentimes because they are well, practically south of your nose…it doesn’t necessarily mean other people can smell them provided you’re obeying the rules of simple hygiene. And be sure to use an air freshener in the bathroom where you just changed. We don’t want to leave any tell-tale signs or smells now, do we?

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Have a great evening 😀


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