#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Vaginal Bleeding In A 7 Year Old

Q: Please doc my daughter of about 7 years had blood spotting on her pants. When we got to the hospital discovered she was not abused as I thought, the doc said it was due to hormonal imbalance and prescribed conjugated estrogen and it stopped. Please can there be future risk or is there any diet can place her on?

A: Hello! Thanks for writing in.

I can imagine your horror when you observed this! You did the right thing by getting her to a doctor to confirm if she’s been abused. Thank goodness that is not the case!

Another cause of bleeding in a child as young as this is also trauma. If your child had a straddle injury by falling astride on a bike or fence etc, this could present as vaginal bleeding.

Other causes include:

Is there a future risk of this? Well, it would depend on the cause. Sometimes, the cause is unknown and incident does not occur. I suggest that you see your child’s doctor if you are still concerned.

All the best!

Have a great evening y’all 😀

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