#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Sinus Pain

Good evening Doctor. I personally appreciate the passion you have for your work, pertaining that you help hundreds of people out here, without charging us the consultation fees.
Q- I am currently 18 years old and I have a problem with my sinuses, they severely ache at least three times in one month since I was 16. I never had a problem with my sinuses in my childhood age, this just stated when I was 16. I do not want to resort to surgical removal of them, could you please recommend the best treatment of them as far as prevention (from aching) and prescriptions are concerned. Your help will be wholeheartedly appreciated.

A: Thanks for your kind words!

Facial/sinus pain usually occurs as a symptom of sinusitis. Sinusitis is an inflammation of the sinuses (air cavities) that line the nose. When these air cavities (which are supposed to be filled by air) become filled with fluid as a result of blockage, bacteria, fungi and viruses can thrive in this environment and cause infection. Pus-like nasal discharge, reduced sense of smell or taste, blocked nose, toothache, bad breath, facial pain/pain around cheeks, forehead and eyes and persistence of symptoms for more than a week, maybe suggestive of this.

Simple DIY treatment tips include getting lots of rest and lots of fluids, warm compress (place a warm towel to your face several times a day), analgesics for the pain, clean your nose with salt water solution or better still, buy a saline spray. Avoid irritants of the nose like smoke and use a humidifier, which loosens the mucous. Turning on the hot water shower and inhaling the steam is another great idea.

If these symptoms persist as in this case, you may need to return to your doctor who may now prescribe steroid nasal sprays to reduce the inflammation/swelling of the sinuses, antibiotics if there is an associated infection or an anti-histamine if an allergy is suspected.

If these do not help, then you will be referred to an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) surgeon who may perform surgery to widen your sinuses.

So, you have a couple of options. Please see your doctor as soon as possible to determine what is more feasible in your case.

All the best!

Good night y’all 😀


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