#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: It’s New Year’s Eve!

It’s just a few hours before we enter into a brand new year, 2018! It’s simply amazing! Intellectually and realistically, there’s nothing different about 1st of January. It’s a date…just like any other. There’s no magic wand that transforms things overnight from December 31st to January 1st. So, when people say, I will do better in the New Year, there’s no guarantee that they will. Do better now!

However, psychologically, there’s something about the idea of New Year…it’s a new date; a cross-over into a new period of time and life. It signifies new beginnings and brand new opportunities to start afresh. And so, we all identify with that feeling of, ‘I’m done with the old year and ready to take on the New Year!’ Be sure to prepare inwardly, spiritually and deeply. Don’t get dragged into the New Year resolution squad…resolutions that oftentimes do not last till the end of the first quarter. Determine inwardly what you will do better, write it down and declare it to yourself daily as you work to bring them to fruition. Remember the bible says, ‘Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.’ (Habakkuk 2: 2-3).

And with that, I wish you a ‘Happy and Most Prosperous New Year!’ See you in 2018!

We end the year with a condition that signifies new beginnings…pregnancy 😀

Q: Morning MA, would like to ask is it normal to sometimes have back pains at 4 weeks of pregnancy

A: You may start to experience more backaches as the weight you have put on starts to take its toll. Be sure to sit up straight on chairs with proper back support to help with this. Sleeping on your side with a pillow between your legs will also help. This may be the cause of your backaches but if they are very discomforting, please see your doctor. Better safe than sorry.

Other symptoms of pregnancy you should prepare for are:

Breast tenderness: this is inevitable as your breast ducts prepare for the job of lactation. Bra sizes could go up from 1 to several sizes up. Be sure to get a good support bra and keep going up sizes as your breast size increases. This will help reduce sagging.

Discharge: A thin milky discharge is normal during pregnancy. But if this becomes yellow, greenish or foul smelling, please see your doctor.

Heart burn and Constipation: These happen due to one of the hormones produced during pregnancy. The antenatal vitamins also play a part in worsening constipation 

Frequency of urination: As the baby grows in the uterus, it presses on the bladder making you feel like urinating more often.

Tiredness: As your body works overtime to support a growing life inside you, you would feel exhausted.

Food cravings and aversions: Well, I certainly had loads of aversions with my first pregnancy. I can’t remember any cravings as I couldn’t get any food to stay down. However, some people develop a craving for the oddest, craziest foods when pregnant. Go easy on eating for two though…the healthy living dictum of eating loads of fruits/vegetables and low calories does not change during pregnancy. The more you gorge or give in to the food cravings, the more work you have to do to get it off after the baby. However, if you find yourself craving things like clay, sand etc, please see your doctor as it could be a sign of iron deficiency anaemia.

Morning sickness/nausea: This is due to the hormones of pregnancy (again!). This may be mild or so severe that the person actually gets hospitalised. If your nausea is severe, please see your doctor. But generally, you can help push this back by eating some bland food especially in the mornings when it is worse like crackers or cheese.

Now for the red flags…these have to be heard and checked out by your obstetrician immediately:

Significant bleeding. If you’re not sure what is significant and what’s not, please see your doctor all the same. Better safe than sorry.

Severe abdominal pain: This could be a sign of a threatened miscarriage

Severe nausea/vomiting: This could lead to dehydration which could affect the baby adversely

Severe dizziness

Too little weight gain or too much weight gain: Try to keep weight gain between 11 to 15kg during the pregnancy. Your doctor could have recommended more or less depending on your pre-pregnancy state.


Pain or burning sensation when urinating: This could be a urinary tract infection. It needs to be dealt with.


Vaginal discharge: Foul smelling, yellow or greenish colour could indicate an infection and could affect your baby.


High fever: This could signify an infection.


So ladies, enjoy this fabulous state of pregnancy. Guys, give them all the support they need…and deserve. By the way, did I forget the amazing mood swings that are a very normal part of this state? Guys, be sure to respect and lovingly manage that. It’s all those hormones running amok in the body :D. You play a huge role in ensuring a successful outcome of pregnancy.

As for me, I’m done with all that stuff. I’m a grandmother in waiting! Loads of years before we get there, though! 😀

So, keep healthy people and don’t let pregnancy get you down. It’s really not a sickness :D. And the products of this process live forever in our hearts.

Happy New Year in advance, again 😀


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