#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Nocturnal Emission Et Al

Q: Thanks doc, please I want to ask about releasing of semen while in sleep is it always a spiritual something or it’s a medical issue or its normal. Thanks

A: Thanks for writing in.

Well, in very few words, ‘this is not a spiritual somtin!’ 😀 Trust me it’s not.

I’m not sure how old you are but in young men going through puberty, especially, wet dreams (also called nocturnal emissions) may occur as the body starts producing testosterone. There is ejaculation during sleep leading to wet PJs and embarrassment when the gentlemen wake up. Note that not every teenage boy goes through this experience.

Q: Good evening Doc. Please I’d like to know if a woman can go through pregnancy without taking routine drugs (I mean folic acid and the likes) and still have a healthy baby. If no, what are the possible side effects? Thank you!

A: I actually laughed when I read this! The first thought that came to mind was a bible verse: ‘all things are lawful; but not all things are helpful’. So, you can go through pregnancy without taking routine drugs, but it is not advisable. Some people say that once you eat well, you don’t need the medications. But remember that pregnancy is a period of increased need for nutrients as your body grapples with the idea of feeding itself and another young, growing lufe within it. Indeed, you are advised to take your antenatal medications (prenatal vitamins) in addition to eating well. Foods rich in iron and foods rich in folic acid like green leafy veggies and beans are especially recommended. Folic acid prevents deformities of the spine. Dairy is also a great idea. Take, at least, 4 servings of milk, other dairy products or calcium rich foods. If you don’t eat enough, your baby will start drawing on your own stock from your bones. So, drink up your milk! The veggies you are taking have fibre but be sure to include other high fibre foods like whole grain cereals to deal with the constipation associated with pregnancy.

I hope this helps.

Have a great evening, everyone 😀

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