Daily Health Tips: Pot-Belly!

Q: Hello Dr Ketch, please apart from exercises, how can I get rid of abdominal fat?


Q: Hello Ma I’ve a pot belly and I want to trim it down. Please, advice on what to do. Thank you

A: I’ve been getting a lot of questions on pot bellies, big tummies after child birth or just big tummies…after nothing, full stop:D So, I’ll reproduce part of a post I’d written on this subject (the trio of diet, exercise and stress). Remember that you can always visit my bloghttp://www.chatwithdrketch.com and type in any subject you want to know about in the search box. You will be presented with all my posts on that subject. There’s a lot I’ve written on weight loss et al 😉

I hate to be the one to break it to you…but alcohol is not the only thing that gives you a pot belly!:D Pot belly is caused by consuming way too many calories and these can be from your chilled bottle of…

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