#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: I Am Trying For A Baby Boy

Q: Hello Dr Ketch, please help me on what to do. I am trying for pregnancy and I want a baby boy I have a baby girl already. How do I calculate when to and when not during ovulation? Thank you

A: Interesting questions! Can you get a male child medically? Honestly, when it comes to matters of whether you have a male or female, it’s all up to God Medically, it is believed in some quarters that the male sperm swim faster and so having sexual intercourse on the day of ovulation guarantees having a baby…but trust me! The world is littered with women who tried this and it didn’t work! For more on the calculation of ovulation day, please click on https://chatwithdrketch.com/…/daily-health-tips-when-do-i-…/
People who go for In Vitro Fertilization may have the option of selecting their baby’s sex, but even this is not offered indiscriminately.
Spacing your children allows your wife to rest in between pregnancies and recover her strength. It does not increase your chances of having any particular sex, neither does having them in rapid succession. It’s just not up to you! That’s just the point 😀
I know that traditionally, we like to think that our family lines can only be propagated through the male species, but remember Obama and Clinton, two great men who have only girls as children. I don’t think the world will forget them in a hurry! Your daughters will bring you absolute joy and happiness and perhaps cater for you in ways that you would not have even expected. Both genders are important and we need to accept both as gifts from God.

Be sure to love those lovely children you’ve been given by God, male and female alike 

Have a good evening y’all 😀

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