#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Agbo As Treatment For Rashes

Q: Good morning Doctor, please I hope u respond to my question this time MA. My baby is a year & nine months she have been having this kind of rash as long as about three months that have spoilt especially her legs. It appears like mosquito bite & inches her a lot, several cream & antibiotics have been written & used I even have to make agbo (local herb) for her twice now it gets better & reoccur, blood test was done I was told result is OK. Please help because I don’t know what else to do & can’t stand seeing her itching so much.


A: I have seen people who swear by Agbo and claim not to have been to the hospital for ‘gazillion’ 😀 years as a result of the fact that they take this. This cuts across different social strata as I have met people in different strata of the society that use it. So, is it effective? This herb is thought to be effective against malaria, typhoid, sexually transmitted infections etc.

Now, I am always personally worried when one drug cures a multitude of things…it’s sorta worrisome. However, some scientists have done some work and noted that the original Agbo herbs have some anti-oxidant activity and so it could very well be curative of some illnesses.

But, the alcohol and other additives that are packed into it make one even more skeptical about its usefulness in treatments except the aim is to knock out the person taking it 😀 For a baby, this a definte no -no!

Again, there are no specific dosages for these herbs and they are generally hawked in very unhygienic conditions. Some of the components could also pose health threats to children and adults alike if it is not known whether they are allergic to these components.

All in all, a lot of work needs to be done on Agbo, if it is to be accepted as a useful treatment for any ailment. This will help confirm exact components, dosage and possible drug interactions.

So, in the meantime, leave well alone…seriously  😀

Rashes in your baby could be due to different things and so it’s difficult to say what it is over the net 😀 Sorry, this medium has its limitations 😀

Starting with common things, it may very well be heat rashes. If you’re of the school of thought that believes children should be all covered up in warm clothes even what it’s hot, then, this may be the cause of the rashes. To prevent this, ensure that you dress your baby in light clothes when the weather is hot and vice versa. Trust me, they have the same ability to feel hot or cold…just like you :O

Then, it could be due to eczema. This can arise from the soaps and bubble baths et al that you are using.  It could also be due to rough fabrics or allergy to foods. To prevent this, choose mild baby products that are not perfumed, be gentle when drying baby after a bath…just pat dry.

It could also be due to fungal or bacterial infections.

Have you taken your baby to see a paediatrician or did you just go to a pharmacy? You need to take your baby in to see the paediatrician so that a proper diagnosis can be made. If need be, he/she may refer to a dermatologist (a skin doctor) and then proper treatment can be started.


I hope this helps.


Have a good night, y’all 😀





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