Daily Health Tips: How Can I Control My Blood Sugar?

Q: Hi Doctor, glad I can chat you. I am diabetic and want to know the kind of food I should be eating especially vegetables and fruits


Q: Good morning Doctor, I noticed in recent times that each time I take yoghurt or any ‘too-sugary’ drinks my urine will taste sugary, but when I check my blood sugar, the range is always 95/105. , therefore, decided to watch my consumption of sugar. But unfortunately, about a week ago I found myself taking ogi (pap). Unknown to me, the ‘sweetener’ content was an unnatural honey. Before then, I have taken yogurt the same day. To cut the whole story short, my blood sugar is now 140 as at yesterday. Please, what can I do before my situation gets out of hand? I don’t want to start with any anti diabetic drugs now. Thanks in advance.

A: Starting from the beginning, what’s Diabetes Mellitus (DM)? Usually starchy foods we eat are converted to glucose. The body, in response to the presence of glucose in the blood, releases insulin from…

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