Kill a mosquito with a sledge hammer? Heck, yes!!

Today is World Malaria Day with the theme, ‘A push for prevention’
Do you know how to prevent malaria? Do you actively practice it? Do you get tested before getting treated for malaria? Do you finish your malaria medications…or do you leave them once you feel better? Questions, questions!
The post below still addresses what you can do to join the fight to prevent malaria. Enjoy!


It was world malaria day, last week. WHO essentially set out that day for everyone to sit up and pay attention to the ills of malaria. A lot of corporate bodies marked the event with information on malaria in print and electronic media; with events organized to discuss the way forward and ponder on the theme: invest in the future; defeat malaria. Foreign scientists used the opportunity to let us know the journey so far in the creation of a fool proof malaria vaccine. NGOs shared out mosquito nets to anyone who showed up for their events. Awesome, you would think. And it is!

The fight against malaria though should go beyond the rhetorics and big gestures whenever there’s an event decreed by a world body. It is a clear and present danger and if we are to believe the statistics of the global fund on malaria, every 30 seconds…

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