Daily Health Tips:Excessive Fetal Movements Et Al

Q: Hello Doctor Ketch, I’ve been reading a lot of your answers to questions and I also need some answers. I am 7 months pregnant and the fetal movement has become too much and too forceful. Sometimes I’m scared the baby will kick itself out of me. Some mornings, during breakfast, I have the urge to vomit and I bring up all I must have eaten after which I feel very weak. At this point of the pregnancy, my breasts are still the same in size. I really wonder if they’re producing milk. Then the pain I feel between my thighs is becoming unbearable. It makes it difficult for me to stand up from the bed. Please kindly throw more light on all I’ve mentioned, with possible causes and remedies. This is my first pregnancy. Thanks.
A: The first time you feel your baby’s movement is known as quickening and the time women feel it varies person to person. It ranges from 16 to 25 weeks but women who have had babies before may feel this much earlier. Women describe it as different things: a bubbly feeling; butterflies in their tummy; gas etc.
You would have observed that your doctor or midwife has asked you to be aware of your baby’s movement and specifically, make a note to let them know if the movements reduce. This is because reduced baby’s movements may signify baby is in distress or other problems.
Increased movement is however, not that much in the news 😀 You may notice that when you drink cold water, that baby moves around. This is, theoretically because the uterus/womb is close to the digestive tract such that the cold water in the digestive tract stimulates the baby to move. Women who feel concerned about their baby’s movements are sometimes asked to do this and check for baby’s movement.
Babies also tend to move around a lot after a meal or if you take drinks that contain caffeine. If you’re struggling to sleep and baby is intent on finding a comfortable position, his/her movements can also get exaggerated 😀 Having said all of these, if you do believe baby’s movements have got more frequent than usual, please see your doctor about this. Better safe than sorry.
Feeling the urge to vomit and change in breast size are parts of the right of passage in pregnancy. Remember that the increase in breast size is relative to the size of your breasts before pregnancy. But generally, you will go up one or a couple of bra sizes. Please click on this link for details https://chatwithdrketch.com/2013/10/26/baby-in-the-tummy-its-all-up-to-mummy-is-it/
Pain between your thighs may happen if you are adding a lot of weight and both thighs rub against each other. Watch your diet and be sure not to add too much weight. Remember that ultimately, you will still need to shed it all after your baby.
Also be sure to share these concerns with your doctor during your next antenatal visit.
For a related topic, please click on this link: https://chatwithdrketch.com/2013/12/02/daily-health-tips-eating-for-two/
I hope this helps.
All the best.
Good night, y’all 😀
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