Can I Sleep On My Back If I Am Pregnant?

Ever heard of those amazing bits of advice that people have repeated and passed along through various eras that they have practically taken the place of the truth about pregnancy! I will address some of them and let you know my verdict…fact or fiction

Pregnant women who deliver in hospitals are not brave

Verdict: Fiction
This is not true! This has led to a situation where women who ought to seek medical care in the hospital stay home to prove they are brave. Please be sure to register for your antenatal classes, attend regularly and follow your doctor’s advice to the letter.

Pregnant women should not sleep on their backs as this may damage your baby’s eyes

Verdict: Fact and fiction
In the first trimester, if you’re used to sleeping on your back, you can continue. However, as you get into your second trimester, it is fact that pregnant women should not sleep on their backs especially close to term. However, the reason is not because of damage to baby’s eyes. It’s because the woman may feel dizzy as the growing uterus puts pressure on the vein that returns blood from the body making the woman feel dizzy on getting up and the baby may also not get enough nutrients from the placenta in that position

If a pregnant woman drinks cold water, her baby may get pneumonia

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Have a fabulous week ahead, y’all😀

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