Saturday Nutrition Quiz

Give three simple tips you follow every day to ensure you eat well balanced meals.

Terms and conditions:
The first 3 persons to answer correctly will win our prizes.

Participants must be followers of our blog and/or facebook page.

Only one answer per participant will be accepted.

If a participant provides more than one answer, the first answer will be used.

Edited answers will be disqualified.

Editor’s decision is final.

This challenge lapses by 11.59 pm on Friday, the 21st of October, 2016
So, what are you waiting for?! Best of luck, guys!


Winners of the 8th October quiz:

Onyii Anastesia Obi

Okhamiogue Eunice

Taiwo Paul


Winners of the 1st October quiz:

Temitope Adeusi Aderemi-Joe

Okhamiogue Eunice

Obi Onyinye


Congratulations, y’all 😀

Please send in emails to for directions on how to pick your prizes.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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6 Responses to Saturday Nutrition Quiz


    Fruits, vegetables and water
    I make sure I take these with enough protein in my 3square meal no matter how little I take


  2. Chukwunonso Onochie says:

    1.I incorporate all the six classes of food while cooking. 2.I take supplement to argument the nutrient that are lost during cooking or bit readily available.3. I divide my plate into three, fill half with vegetables, quarter with carbohydrates and another quarter with protein. Complete meal in a drink contains all the balanced diet/nutrients well incorporated in a drink.


  3. Joy Obiesie says:

    1. Portion Control
    2. Healthy snacking (nuts)
    3. Drinking enough water


  4. Loveday Olisa says:

    1. Planning my daily meal
    2. Taking adequate fruits, vegetables and water.
    3. Controlling my food portion


  5. Chukwunonso Onochie says:

    1. I incoporate all six classes of food when cooking.2. I take supplement to augument for nutrients lost while cooking. 3. I divide my plate into three, fill half with vegetables,quarter with protein and the other quarter with carbohydrates. Complete meal in a drink contains all the six classes of food/nutrients in a drink.


  6. Blessing Udom says:

    Ensure that Fruit, Carbohydrate and protein are contained in the meals for the day.


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