Daily Health Tips: Insect Bite

Q: Dr Ketch, please I have a 15-month old baby that has a very sensitive skin. Whenever he’s bitten by sand fly, it starts itching him. If he scratches it, it will form pus that will eventually become an open wound. Wherever the fluid from d previous ones touches, it forms another pus. l have giving him different antibiotics but to no avail. When it heals, after so time it comes back. So please Dr I need some advice.

A: Hi dear, thanks for writing in.

My first daughter, growing up had problems with sand flies. There appeared to be a lot in her school and every time she scratched (boy, did she scratch?!), they swelled up and eventually left ugly black marks! What did I do? I bought her long socks (really long socks) and tights to wear to school. And I encouraged her to stay away from the areas where the sand flies struck the most.

So, I share the same advice with you. Cover up your baby properly when you have to go to the areas where the sand flies are and if possible, avoid those areas. If despite your best intentions baby has a bite, try not to allow him to scratch it. The scratch opens the bite up and lays your baby open to infection. Soothe the area with a cool compress. You can use a cloth dampened with cold water to reduce pain and swelling. Applying calamine lotion also helps soothe the itchy area of skin.

If your baby develops a fever and/or infections of these sores (like those ones with pus), please consult the pediatrician. And don’t be too free with antibiotics. Let the pediatrician be the best judge of what should be taken and for how long.

I hope this helps.

Have a good night, y’all 😀

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