Daily Health Tips: How To Avoid Senior Moments And Improve Your Memory

Q: Doctor, Why Do Some People Forget Things Faster Than Others? Is The Problem Health Related?


Hallos people! Do you find yourself forgetting things you just heard? Like somebody’s name…and yet you’ve just been introduced?! Awkward to say the least! These ‘senior moments’ are not just a problem for the ‘oldies’ but applies to a whole lot of us. Here are some tips to help:

When being introduced to someone, repeat the person’s name out loud and perhaps make an association in your mind about the name eg Ketch and Ketchup 😀 Even just the conscious effort of repeating the name out loud, helps it stick. Awesome, right?! I knew you’d think so 😀

You know how we all have to do different things at the same time to prove to all our bosses and ourselves that we are well able to carry out this 21st century ‘new fangled’ managerial process called multi-tasking!  But guess what, this amazing concept absolutely does not help memory one bit…

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