Daily Health Tips: Snoring

Q1: Dr Ketch please what is the best remedy for snoring?

Q2: Good morning Dr. Ketch, my girl of 9yrs breaths Out… as in if one is standing by her closely you could feel or hear how she breathes out and as a result she has difficulty in breathing well when she sleeps. She snores and doesn’t breath down well. Please, I need your advice. More grace!

Q3: Hello Doc. Please, my two year old boy had an infection some time in 2014, he was taken to the hospital and was diagnosed of upper respiratory infection which was treated but since then, any time he sleeps and is exposed to fan, his breathe sounds laboured and as if he snores but without fan he sounds alright. He is not asmathic, no fever and no headache. Please, what could be wrong? Thank you.

Q4: Dear Dr, is there any solution or natural therapy for snoring?

Q5: Is there a way a person can stop snoring

A: Thanks to all of you for writing in.

For Q1, Q4 and Q5 sent in by adults….

Snoring can be a problem as it can disturb sleep for you, your partner and perhaps even your neighbours 😀  When we sleep, our muscles relax. This includes the tissues in the airways (throat). Snoring occurs as air passes through the airways that are partially obstructed by relaxed tissues. As the air flows, these tissues vibrate and we hear the sound described as snoring.

Occasional snorers are mainly problematic to their partners (who may or may not put up with it) but habitual snorers impede sleep for their partners and the quality of their own sleep is markedly reduced. As a result, daytime sleepiness, morning headaches and not feeling quite rested after sleeping may be normal symptoms for both parties.

Causes of snoring include alcohol consumption (due to relaxation of throat muscles), being overweight (due to narrowing of the airways from extra tissues at the back of the throat), seasonal allergies, cold or sinus problems, enlarged tonsils or even sleeping position (sleeping on the back). Apart from the above, being a man and having a family history of snoring puts one at risk.

It is possible to stop snoring through lifestyle modifications and they include:
• Losing weight. If one is overweight, the fatty tissues around the neck can squeeze the airway and this makes it difficult for air to flow freely.

  • Sleeping on your back! I keep trying to get my daughter to do this and I’ve failed woefully so far :DBut this may help as it helps keep your tongue out of your airway. It certainly helps my daughter when I can get her to stay in that position long enough to sleep 😀
  • Stop smoking as this irritates your throat and can cause swelling. Again, this prevents the free flow of air.
  • You know how you feel alcohol makes one relax? Well, they kinda do the same thing to the muscles of the throat :DThis makes them collapse easily, reducing the airway. So, try and avoid this at least two hours before bedtime.
  • Exercising often prevents you from being overweight and prevents those fatty tissues from squeezing your airways shut 😀

Treating allergies or sinus/tonsil problems and slightly raising the head of your bed may also help.

I hope these tips help. If the snoring persists, please see your doctor. He may suggest some anti-snoring devices…any one of some oral appliances (provided by dentists specialized in snoring problems may help), nasal strips, pressurized masks, implants or surgery, as a final resort may be used to treat this. Or he may consider some other diagnosis like sleep apnea (in which one wakes up gasping for breath as the airways close up often during the night).

For the children…

Snoring in children may be due to an upper respiratory tract infection, allergy or a stuffy nose. However, loud and regular snoring in children is not usual and may be due to other conditions like sleep apnea, inability of the lungs to take in sufficient oxygen etc

Please take your baby to the hospital to get checked out by a doctor who will make a definitive diagnosis.

Have a good and snore-free night, y’all 😀


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