Daily Health Tips: It’s That Time Of The Year Again

Hello y’all 😀
I hope you’ve had a great day so far? It’s that time of the year when the sniffles are everywhere. It’s particularly a problem in church when people sneeze into their hands and then expect that you forgot about seeing them do that and rub their hands together. They expect that you would shake them or hold hands…if your church does that! The last time the flu season was here, I experienced this in church and had to relocate to another seat just before the hand-holding part of service. Months down the line, the same thing happened yet again today! I am actually amazed that there are people who still sneeze or cough into their hands! That’s not cool, people! 😀 Let’s take a refresher course on how to stay away from the sniffles.
• Wash Your Hands
Wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap for at least 20 seconds…time taken to sing happy birthday twice. Use safeguard soap and this will not only remove millions of bacteria but stop their re-growth for at least 12 hours. Dry your hands thoroughly.
Get a flu shot
This may not be perfect and certainly does not protect everyone, but you do have more of a chance of beating the flu with it than without it
• Live healthy
A balanced diet, regular sleep and exercise work wonders for your immune system and helps you resist the flu.
• Cover your cough
Don’t sneeze into your hands…you’re more than likely to see someone you know and shake them soon enough…spreading your germs. Rather sneeze or cough into the crook of your arms. This limits significantly the spread of germs.Of course, be sure to take a bath later in the day and wash those clothes too to get rid of the germs.
• Give that immune system of yours some extra boost by:
Taking a break from stress. Stress messes with your ability to stay healthy, especially during cold and flu season. Try taking a mini meditation break during the day – just close your eyes and focus on breathing in and out for a few minutes.
Trying to stick with a bedtime. Consistently geting eight hours of sleep a night gives your body the chance to repair cells and build up your immune system.
A small tube of hand sanitizer is also useful for those times when you can’t wash your hands.
Drink lots of warm fluids. Soups are also not a bad idea now
If you use tissues at any point, please dispose properly and then wash your hands…again . Be careful not to hurt the sides of your nose from frequent use of tissue for your leaking nose😉
Some pain relief for your sore throat may come in handy. Be sure not to take more than the recommended dose.
Rest and help your body heal
Be sure to change your toothbrush after you’ve healed. Don’t re-infect yourself with germs you’ve kicked!
And this may not be a great time to share love by sharing cups, toothbrushes and drinks😀
Remember that you do not need antibiotics for a common cold. It’s a viral infection which will run its course and leave the same way it came…uninvited😀
Enjoy what’s left of the weekend 😀
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