Daily Health Tips: Chronic Post-Surgical Pain

Q: Good day Dr. My mummy had surgical operation as of 2004 and since then she have being complaining of pains in that area . Please Dr what do you advise she will do because am worried about that. Thanks
A: Pain that persists or keeps coming back for up to three or more months after surgery is known as chronic post-surgical pain. This is sometimes difficult to isolate as usually the surgery would have been carried to deal with a painful condition and so the question would now be: is this the old pain or a new one? If it is a new one, is it related to the surgery?
Features that point to post-surgical pain include:
• Pain that starts after surgery
• Pain that remains for more than 3 months
• Pain that cannot be linked to the original painful condition
• Other painful conditions are not present and cannot be linked to the chronic pain
The chronic pain may result from irritation of nerves during surgery. People at risk include those who already have other chronic pain conditions, people who did not have the initial; acute pain from the surgery adequately treated and controlled, people who were overly anxious about their surgery etc
Treatment of chronic post-surgical pain depends on the mechanism that is behind the pain. Treatment options include use of medications (pain killers, anti-convulsant drugs etc), injections, nerve stimulation technique known as Trans-cutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and/or additional psychological help.
So, take mummy in to see a doctor who will examine her properly and make a diagnosis. Thereafter, he will decide on the appropriate treatment options.
My love to her.
All the best.
Have a great evening, y’all 😀
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  1. Ikechukwu Emmanuel says:

    good evening ma! pls I had two kids through cs and d second child wil be 3yrs in July and I used withdrawal method althrough and since last yr july I started trying for conception all to no avel .I went for scan I was told no problem till now nothing to show for it am worried nd am 36yrs! pls doc help me.


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