Food Cravings And Aversions.


Food cravings and aversions: I certainly had loads of aversions with my first pregnancy. I can’t remember any cravings as I couldn’t get any food to stay down. However, some people develop a craving for the oddest, craziest foods when pregnant. Go easy on eating for two though…the healthy living dictum of eating loads of fruits/vegetables and low calories does not change during pregnancy. The more you gorge or give in to the food cravings, the more work you have to do to get it off after the baby. However, if you find yourself craving things like clay, sand etc, please see your doctor as it could be a sign of iron deficiency anaemia.

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  1. lola says:

    gudday doc. pls one of my friend (male) is still a virgin nd everytime he complain of serious stomach pain, pls doc. wot medicine can u prescribe for him so dat the stomach pain will nt affect him anymore. thanks.


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