Daily Health Tips: How Do I Keep My Baby From Vomiting His Medications?

Q: Happy New year, Doctor. You’re really doing a great job! Please, my question is, are there any reasons why my 6 month-old baby boy vomits every drug given to him since birth? We’ve tried different methods of administering but all to no avail. My 2nd question is, how do I introduce solid food to my son after 6months of exclusive breastfeeding? He’s refusing everything we give him even water. Thanks, doctor

A: I love your question! Especially the first part …and I couldn’t resist a huge smile! 😀 This is a question that has bugged mankind since the beginning of time. Many people have probably come across that internet picture that shows a ‘mother’ that held her baby down, head down, nose closed, legs tucked between her own legs while she tried to feed him/her ‘something’ 😀 Please do not go that route at all 😀

Now, I’ll share with you my personal secret to getting the drugs down. Cradle the baby’s head in the crook of your arm. This holds the head steady. Use the shallow spoons that come with the medications. Aim for the angle of the mouth/cheek. This ensures that the medication enters the mouth between the cheek and the gum towards the back of the mouth. It skips the tongue especially the front and center of the tongue where the taste buds are concentrated. Keep the spoon with the medication there and settle in…this could be for a for a long time, if you have an interesting child 😀 He will eventually swallow the medication. Give sufficient time for him/her to have swallowed before letting him/her go. Another trick is to blow gently into his face, he will blink and….swallow! You could also buy a sterile syringe (minus the needle) or a buy a new dropper (like the type used in eye drops or ear drops). Take little bits at a time (eg if the amount to give is 5mls, take 1ml at a time) and again, direct the drug towards the side of his cheek.

Another important tip is to look for better-tasting medications. Some medications just taste foul! L

Now the next challenge is how to keep the medication down after he has swallowed! 😀 Most drugs will cause nausea and vomiting as a side effect. So, this is not unusual. Give sufficient time for him/her to have swallowed before letting him/her go.

Usually, the intestine absorbs medications within 30 minutes and so if your child vomits after 30 minutes, you don’t have to repeat the medication. It is assumed that the drug has been absorbed.

If this vomiting, however, continues and perhaps, your baby cannot keep anything down, please see your doctor.

The answer to your second question can be found in any of these links:




Have a great evening, y’all 😀

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