What To Eat And Why!

Over the years, I have given a ‘gazillion’ health talks. I’ve always said that I’ve always been amazed by the fact that the questions never varied. Whether the health talk is given to top executives in a blue chip company or market women in a rural community, the questions are the same in content, even if not in grammar J

I was at a seminar sometime late in 2013 and the title was ‘what to eat and why’. We could barely get through the sessions. It was amazingly interactive and people had a lot of questions to ask. The questions were sent to me in slips of papers and I could not get around to answering all. So, I’ve decided to put the questions down in a book format hoping that it equips you with the information you’d asked for!

There are so many questions; so this can only be volume 1 at best!

Want to know what information Volume 1 has? Get details from the book, Just For The Health Of It. You can get a copy via the shop now link on our facebook page. Or you can get it through:


1) Jumia.com. Just click on this link http://www.jumia.com.ng/jumia-books-just-for-the-health-of-it-with-dr-ketch-179486.html and get a copy. You have the option of paying when the book is delivered to you or paying online. This service is available all over Nigeria.


2) Another option for those in Lagos is Laterna Bookshop on 13, Oko-Awo Close, Off Adetokunbo Ademola Street,. Victoria Island.


3) If you’re outside the country, please visit Amazon through this link http://www.amazon.com/Just-Health-Ketch-Pregnancy-Parenting/dp/9789398026/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1426246647&sr=1-1&keywords=just+for+the+health+of+it+with+dr+ketch+olalere+nkechi


For those in Abuja and environs, please call 07030739403 or pick it up at No 5 Bricks Market, Dawaki 11 Market, Dawaki extension.


For those in Awka, please call 08189944090.


Remember that this book is a great Christmas, Baby Shower and Bridal Shower gift for anybody 😀


Have a great day, y’all 😀








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