Pregnancies And Big Babies!

Help! I’m pregnant and my doctor says my baby is big!

Just in case you weren’t quite convinced by the ‘you don’t have to eat for two’ advice, this question on big babies should help.

Q: Doc, I am an expectant mother in the last trimester. My Doc told me my baby is big. What does this mean? Am I safe?

A: The focus should be on what caused the big baby and what can be done to ensure that you and baby come out okay.

Big babies are usually seen in women who
• Are diabetic.
• Have gestational Diabetes (Diabetes that is observed during pregnancy),
• Are obese
• Have had another big baby before
• Have had a lot of babies (from the 5th pregnancy, the risk of big babies increase)
• Excessive weight gain during pregnancy
• Are older. From age 35 years, the risk of having a big baby increases
• Have pregnancies that are overdue. When a pregnancy is more than 2 weeks overdue, the chances of a big baby are increased.

For women with big babies (fetal macrosomia), a vaginal delivery may not be a complete no no! However, your OBGYN will weigh the risk of that against your medical history and other pre-existing medical conditions.

To prevent this, remember that feeding for 2 is a fad. You don’t really need to eat like a horse 😀 You and your baby don’t need that much.

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Have a great week ahead, people 😀

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