Re-Visiting Our Laundry

Whenever the weekend comes along, people get up to speed with cooking and laundry. Have you ever wondered whether you’re doing your laundry right? Think your family is protected because you wash everyday…or every weekend? Let’s do a reality check.

Here are our top tips to prevent the spread of germs through laundry.

• Wash dirty clothes as soon as possible. The longer the germs are allowed to breed on the clothes, the more difficult it will be to get rid of all of them in one wash. This is even worse for damp clothes like towels for obvious reasons and underclothes too. Panties should be washed after wearing once (which is usually from morning to evening)…and this rule also applies to guys 😀

• Sort the laundry before washing. Apart from ensuring that the clothes are sorted according to colour and thus, do not run the risk of staining other clothes, this also ensures that delicate clothing are separated. Panties, underpants, children’s clothes and towels should generally be washed differently: do not wash adult clothes with children’s clothes and do not wash undies with regular clothes.

• As much as possible use warm water (about 40 degrees centigrade) to wash your clothes. This provides an impossible temperature for the germs to thrive.

• Lots of people of people would wash their hands after handling very dirty laundry for the simple reason that their hands feel dirty afterwards. But would it readily cross your mind to wash your hands after handling your load of just washed laundry…supposedly squeaky clean? No. But there are still germs swimming all around the surface, which ordinarily should be ‘killed’ as the clothes dry…so you should get your hands washed.

• Ensure that your clothes dry thoroughly before you wear them. Apart from the dead rat smell of those damp clothes people wear 😀 germs are likely to still be on them. In fact, this is one of those places where modern technology appears to win the competition with old tested and trusted. Using a tumble dryer gets the clothes dry faster and reduces the time available for germs to multiply. Air drying on the other hand promotes the growth of germs as the clothes remain damp for a longer time before drying.

Have a great weekend, y’all 😀

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