Daily Health Tips: How Can I Get More Proteins?

Q: Hi Doctor, how can I get more proteins and what should I do?

A: Well, there are a lot of protein sources all around us. Proteins can be from plants or from animals. Those from animals are sorta similar to the proteins in our bodies and are used more easily and rapidly. Those from plants, typically lack one of two essential amino acids and so have to properly combined in order to make up for the deficient amino acids.

To combine them properly, I reproduce the post I had made on complimentary proteins.

Complementary proteins are proteins that lack one or more essential amino acids (building blocks of proteins) required to keep the body functioning properly. This includes most proteins of plant origin except soya beans. When these are paired together, they produce complete proteins.

Here are complementary protein groups with examples:
• Seeds – pumpkin (Egusi) seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds
• Grains – oats, wheat, rice (brown/local), barley, corn (bread, pasta like whole wheat macaroni/spaghetti, dumplings, biscuits)
• Nuts – walnuts, cashews, almonds, pistachios
• Legumes – soy products, beans, peas, peanuts

What are the best combinations?
• Grains and legumes e.g. Rice and beans, corn and beans, peanut butter (groundnut paste) on wheat bread/biscuits, oats with some peanuts thrown in (I like that!). These are great combinations.
• Legumes and seeds e.g. peanuts and pumpkin seeds as a snack is another great combination
• Grains and seeds e.g. wheat meal/oatmeal paste with Egusi soup is a good combination.

Other protein sources are:
• Dairy: Low fat (eg Greek) yoghurt, low fat or skimmed milk, cheese. Some dairy and vegetable protein sources also make complete proteins. E.g. dairy and grains (cheese on wheat bread/biscuit is a great combination)
• Eggs: Make sure the egg is properly boiled to prevent Salmonella infection
• Canned tuna

Have a great weekend, people 😀

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    Hi doc,what are the effect of masturbation?


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    Please what can i use to cure sore throat? Thanks


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