Daily Health Tips: Why Do I Itch Under My Breasts And Between My Thighs?

Q: Hi Doctor Ketch, please a friend of mine is having a recurring red itch under her breasts for some time now (she’s busty though), and the itching is also noticed in her inner thighs (where the panty line rests on). Please, what’s the cause and what can you prescribe for her? Thanks in anticipation.

A: Hello everyone! I forgot to wish you all a Happy Children’s Day yesterday! 😀 And just in case you think you’re not a child, my son reminded me that I am someone’s child and so the day was also meant for me! 😀 Even if your parents are no more, I’m sure you have have people you look up to as parents. So, I hope y’all enjoyed the day.

And to our question of the day…

Underneath the breasts and between the inner thighs are usual places for rashes to form especially in overweight or busty people. This would usually occur when tight clothing or fabrics that do not allow your skin to ‘breathe’ trap moisture (sweat) between the skin folds. Thus, constantly wearing tights (cycling shorts) or polyester fabrics etc may lead to accumulation of this moisture which is a rich culture medium for fungal and other organisms to thrive. People with this fungal infection may also have athlete’s foot. For more on athlete’s foot, please click on the link https://chatwithdrketch.com/2014/02/19/daily-health-tips-is-this-a-fungal-infection/\

Other causes of itchy skin in these areas could be:
• Psoriasis (pronounce with the P silent) which could be triggered by stress, smoking, cold weather, injury to the skin etc
• Allergy: It could be a reaction to the fabric of bras or panties/underpants or even to medications taken
• Excessively dry skin from taking very hot baths etc
• Disease conditions like Diabetes Mellitus may also lead to itching in these areas.
• Pregnancy can cause itchy skin or worsen existing ones.

Treatment depends on cause.
• Generally, reduce stress and keep healthy by eating properly and exercising. Stress leads worsening of itching conditions and keeping healthy helps prevent overgrowth of fungal infections.
• Wearing cotton undies and avoiding tight fitting clothes are very helpful remedies.
• Try taking a bath with lukewarm water and then do not dry your skin thoroughly before moisturizing. For more on this please click on this link: https://chatwithdrketch.com/2013/11/06/daily-health-tip/
• Diagnosis of psoriasis and Diabetes Mellitus will be made by the doctor who will advice on treatment.

I hope this helps.

Have a great night y’all 😀

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  1. Agida Ann says:

    I just saw ur website now on tv and I decided to log in. I undergo a family planning that was suppose to last for 5 years bt I removed it bfore it was up to 2 years. since then I hv being feeling funny as if am pregnant but each month since that february my monthly flow comes heavier than it used to. what is actually wrong with me and what shd I do?


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