Daily Health Tips: How Many Caesarian Sections Can I Have?

Q: Dr. Ketch. May I know how many C-S a woman can have?

A: To round off our discussion on Caesarian section yesterday, I decided to take this question. Before I get into this, some remarks….

• Remember that just because your doctor has said it is okay to try for a vaginal birth after a Caesarian Section does not necessarily mean that it will be successful. The woman may very well still end up having a Caesarian Section if a vaginal delivery is tried and it fails.

• People who have had a transverse cut C-section (Lower Segment C-Section) are more likely to be successful candidates for VBAC than those with vertical cuts (classical C-section).
Now to today’s question…there’s really no specific number of C-sections that a woman is meant to have (especially in centers with significant technological advancement), though about 3 used to be the mark. There are women who have had than 3 and are alive to tell the story. Having said that, the more the number of sections, the more the risks and complications the woman is exposed to.

Common risks and complications include:
• Weakening of the wall of the uterus wall with risk of uterine rupture!
• Healing after a C-section comes with development of scar tissue which may subsequently cause adhesions as they cause abdominal organs to stick to each other. This may lead to obstruction of the bowel or even block the fallopian tubes, leading to infertility. These adhesions may develop between the uterus and the bladder making it easier to injure the bladder with subsequent C-sections.
• Placental problems may occur in people who have had C-sections as the placenta may be implanted too deeply into the womb or there may be placenta previa. In these instances, removing the placenta presents a challenge and may result in profuse bleeding which requires blood transfusion.

For more on placenta previa, please click on these:



I hope y’all have a great Workers’ Day tomorrow.

Nighty-night 😀

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