Daily Health Tips: Does My Urine Colour In Pregnancy Determine My Baby’s Sex?

Q: Good day doc, please what causes the colour of urine to change in pregnancy? Is it as a result of the baby’s gender? And what is the cause of morning vomiting most especially while brushing in pregnancy?

A: Hallos! I assume congratulations are in order! I hope you enjoy this beautiful new state 😀

Urine colour doesn’t necessarily change in pregnancy. What colour are we talking about here? If it’s darker, be sure that you’re getting enough fluids. You’re likely to urinate more during pregnancy though. Any colour change should be discussed with your doctor. And trust me, the urine colour says ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the sex of your baby! Where did that come from? 😀

Morning sickness in pregnancy is due to the cocktail of hormones that your body is producing for your singular pleasure 😀

For more on pregnancy, what’s normal and what’s not, please click on this link: https://chatwithdrketch.com/2013/10/26/baby-in-the-tummy-its-all-up-to-mummy-is-it/

You can also get other details of what to expect during the whole period of pregnancy and afterwards in the book, Just For The Health Of It.

Have a good night y’all 😀

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3 Responses to Daily Health Tips: Does My Urine Colour In Pregnancy Determine My Baby’s Sex?

  1. Good day doctor, please I have three questions:(1) I had an operation in 2006 vertical cut and now I am pregnant. Can I be able to push the baby freely without C-section. (2) I weighed 84.5kg at 32weeks. I want to know if the weight increase is as a result of a big baby and is there any risk? (3) what kind of diet or food should I take to avoid the baby getting big.


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