Daily Health Tips: My Friend’s Snoring Is Destroying Her Relationship!

Q: Good evening doctor I have a friend that snores badly and this is about causing a serious problem in her relationship could there be away out for her?

A: When we sleep, our muscles relax. This includes the tissues in the airways (throat). Snoring occurs as air passes through the airways that are partially obstructed by relaxed tissues. As the air flows, these tissues vibrate and we hear the sound described as snoring.

Occasional snorers are mainly problematic to their partners (who may or may not put up with it) but habitual snorers impede sleep for their partners and the quality of their own sleep is markedly reduced. As a result, daytime sleepiness, morning headaches and not feeling quite rested after sleeping may be normal symptoms for both parties.

Causes of snoring include alcohol consumption (due to relaxation of throat muscles), being overweight (due to narrowing of the airways from extra tissues at the back of the throat), seasonal allergies, cold or sinus problems, enlarged tonsils or even sleeping position (sleeping on the back). Apart from the above, being a man and having a family history of snoring puts one at risk.

So, to prevent this, reduction of alcohol intake or not having any at least two hours before bedtime, losing weight if obese, slightly raising the head of the bed, treating allergies or sinus/tonsil problems, sleeping on the side etc are all helpful.

Where this is not helpful, any one of some oral appliances (provided by dentists specialized in snoring problems may help), nasal strips, pressurized masks, implants or surgery, as a final resort may be used to treat this.

So, I suggest your friend starts with the lifestyle changes and see how it goes. I hope it goes well 😀
But hey, who was it that said that loving someone means ‘loving them…warts and all’? 😉 Let’s hope we’ve saved a relationship…and just before Valentine’s Day too 😀 Now, aren’t I just Cupid, huh?!

Have a great night, y’all 😀

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