Daily Health Tips : Did I Resume Sexual Relations Too Early With My Wife After C-Section?

Q: I had sex with my wife who just deliver with an operation (CS) and it just 5 weeks and two days. And now the injury pain just increased a little. Dr, what do I do to solve this issue. I swear I will not touch her again on till she is three months but what do I do now? Because she went to the hospital and they said the pain is because the CS injury is dry… that is why the pain is out but my wife did not inform the doctor about the sex we had. Please tell me what to do, please.

A: Forgive me…I couldn’t hide a smile when I read this! Why didn’t you tell the doctor about the fact that you had sexual intercourse? I don’t intend to give you a lecture…but you do need to know that you and your doctor are on the same side. So, any information that helps diagnosis should be given to the doctor. He’s not a judge in your matter…he only has your best interest at heart. When I was in medical school, a girl came in, who had had a septic abortion (a serious infection of the uterus which may occur before during or after an abortion…usually those performed by quacks). She came in fever and chills and refused to give this history. As the doctors battled to find out the cause, she went into septic shock (low blood pressure, low temperature, reduced urine output etc)…and at that time, her friend decided to tell all. Unfortunately, it was too late for her and she died shortly afterwards! What’s the moral of this story? Tell your doctor all!

Okay, back to our discourse…ordinarily, sexual intercourse should be considered from about 6 weeks. At this time, wifey would have gone for a post natal check and the doctor would hopefully have given the A-okay. Generally, we want to be sure that the wound site is healing properly and there are no complications. Having said that, I’m not sure I understand the doctor’s comment…or perhaps, what you wrote. If the wound site is dry, that’s a good thing as the wound is healing properly with no breakdown or bleeding. So, confirm from the doctor if all is okay and more importantly, if it’s okay to have sexual intercourse with wifey…who is probably more than six weeks now. I trust that the doctor probably already figured out what led to the ‘increased’ pain anyways 😀

So, you don’t need to wait for three months (hopefully). Just be guided by the doctor who has examined your wife and understands the situation the best! And trust me, he also understands your eagerness to be re-united with wifey and so will not impose unneeded restrictions.

I hope this helps.

Have a good night, y’all 😀

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