Daily Health Tips: Travel Restrictions During Pregnancy

Q: Good day ma’am. Please, I want to find out if it’s risky to travel by road. I just discovered that I am pregnant and I’ll be travelling from Osun State to Cross River State.
A: Travelling during pregnancy whether by road, rail or air is generally safe for women with healthy, uncomplicated pregnancies, especially in the 2nd trimester, when you would have stopped the puking 😀 associated with first trimester and before you start to get very tired and your tummy begins to announce your presence as you get into the third trimester 😉 The obstetrician also has to be a part of this decision making process…he may very well advice against travel for reasons like pregnancy being high risk etc.
Here are some general tips if you plan to travel:
• Be sure to have travel insurance or health insurance, if this applies. You just don’t know if you’ll need medical help. If you’ve got travel insurance, be sure it covers you for where you are. If you’ve got health insurance, be sure it covers you in emergencies at different locations within the same country.
• Get people/porters to help you carry your stuff, especially if heavy.
• Be sure to drink lots of fluids, especially water. Electrolyte imbalance which happens when one is dehydrated is not ideal for either baby or mother.
• Take your antenatal drugs along
• Store your doctor’s phone number…just in case.
• Wear loose comfortable clothing….I’ve always wondered at those beautifully made up and gorgeous women who I see all dressed to the nines and wearing serious heels to boot when taking a flight (sometimes at night too!) So, this advice is not just for pregnant women, please dress comfortably for these trips 😀
If travelling by road:
• Be sure to get up and walk around as much as practicable if traveling in a big bus. Hold on to railings, if available, to avoid falls.
• Otherwise, try moving your ankle around from time to time and when the bus/vehicle stops for a bathroom break, be sure to come down and move around.
• If one has been diagnosed with blood clots, special compression stockings may be needed for the trip
• Seat belts should be used. I know a lot of women who absolutely hate the idea of this. But this exposes you and your baby to unnecessary risks. The lap belt should be under the tummy and the shoulder belt should be between the breasts and off the side of the tummy
If travelling by air:
• Check the airline’s restrictions on travel by pregnant women. Airlines would usually allow travel up till the 36th week of pregnancy
• Move around often or wiggle ankles to exercise.
• Aisle seats may be a great idea as there may be frequent bathroom breaks. You don’t want the guy sitting next to you to rue the day he booked that flight, right?! ;D
• Use your seat belt.
• And hold on to the backs of seats to prevent falls.
If travelling by sea/taking a cruise:
Be sure that you’ve taken necessary vaccines and if you suffer from sea sickness, it may be a good idea to give this a miss.
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Have a good night, y’all….and Barka Da Sallah 😀

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