Daily Health Tips: I’d Like My Thin Child To Add Some Weight!

Q: Doc, please what drugs will be prescribed for a child who is too thin among his or her peers?


A: Interesting question! I find, particularly, curious the fact that you’re not asking what food(s) this child should be given, rather you want to know what tablets work. Unfortunately, there’s no quick-fix for these issues…you know, like one magic pill that makes all the problems go away! 😀 There has to be a conscious effort to find out what’s wrong, if anything and then address it with proper nutrition.


For adults, this issue would have been a simple calculation of BMI to confirm if your child is within the acceptable limits or not. However, in children, it is different. You didn’t give an idea of your child’s age. You should take your child to see his/her doctor to confirm whether he/she is within acceptable ranges of weight and height. Bear in mind however, that genes also play a role here. If this child is born to thin parents, this child is very likely to be thin. If this child has always been thin, then perhaps suddenly asking for ‘significant’ weight gain may be overly optimistic. Some other times, a height increase may occur before a weight increase such that the child appears thin during that period.


If the child is found to be underweight, the answer is not to be found in junk foods. These provide empty calories and open up the child to the possibilities of Diabetes Mellitus. Better options are calorie-rich foods which are also healthy like full cream milk, eggs, peanut butter (groundnut paste), yoghurt, cheese, pasta (spaghetti etc)


More importantly, work with your doctor to determine your child’s specific needs and stick to the agreed action plan.


Have a good evening, folks 🙂


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