Daily Health Tips: I Am A Man And I Have Pain And Discharge From My Breast.

Q: Hello Dr, as a matter of fact today happens to be the first time i watched your program on Africa magic and sincerely I love it. Keep up the good work; however, I have a question to ask. I’m a 28yrs old man and recently I noticed the hardness in my right hand breast and it’s really very painful and each time I press it, I see a little discharge of fluid like ‘draw water’ and I don’t know what this means. I would be glad if you can advice me on what it is and what to do. Thanks and anxiously waiting for your response.

A: This breast lump, associated with pain and discharge may be an abscess (boil). You didn’t really mention whether the discharge is from the nipple or from wherever the lump is; neither did you mention the colour of the discharge. However, it is generally wise to check out breast lumps in the hospital…and yes, the rule applies for men and women alike.

Everyone should know what their ‘normal’ breast looks like such that if there is any change in shape, size, ulceration (like a wound) of the skin, change in nipple or discharge from nipple etc, they will be able to easily notice it.

So, please go to the hospital so that a doctor can examine this and make a proper diagnosis.

For more on breast lumps, please click on the links below



Have a good night, people 😀

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