Daily Health Tips: Why Is My Baby’s Tummy Rumbling?!

Q: Please, what do you think can be making baby’s tummy to be making sounds and what can be done to prevent this?

A: Your baby’s tummy makes noise normally…grumbling noises, murmuring noises, gurgling noises etc 😀  all through the day. And they are normal. You would probably notice them more just before your baby eats or soon after. Those are the sounds of our very hard working intestines as they contract and push air around…swallowed air and air produced as a result of digestion.

As long as your baby eats normally, does not have abdominal pain and is not vomiting, then there’s probably no problem. These sounds are very loud and active just after a meal or when your child eats foods like beans 😀 The normal process of digestion of beans involves fermentation in the intestines which of course produces more gas and by extension, more bowel sounds. When one has diarrhea, these sounds happen more frequently and conversely, reduce when one is constipated. In fact, little or no bowel sounds after a meal may be suggestive of a problem. In the same way, very high pitched sounds, could also mean there are issues. You would, of course, need to know what the normal sounds lf in order to recognise the strange sounds. As I always say, where in doubt, please consult your doctor.

Have a great week ahead.

Here’s to a healthier you!

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