About Dr Ketch

Dr Ketch is a public health physician. She is passionate about wellness, understanding that the search for health perfection comes in incremental steps. It is continual work in progress. If you fall off the wagon, dust yourself off, forgive yourself (apologies to Chiemeka :D) and move on…in the journey of wellness.

And celebrate…every milestone!

She is the Managing Director of Northbound Consults (a company with major focus on wellness), Executive Producer of the prime time half hour wellness show, The Dr Ketch Show and also the five-minute show,Tips For Healthy Living With Dr Ketch. She was the pioneer Managing Director of Redcare Health Services Limited and former head of medical services, Clearline International Limited HMO.

Dr Ketch facilitates the stress management module at the Lagos Business School. She is an alumna of Nnamdi Azikiwe University (M.B.,B.S.), Lagos Business School (MBA) and University of Liverpool (MPH). She is also a member of the postgraduate communities of Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Public Health and IESE Business School, Navarra Spain.

She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene and a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist.

She’s the author of the book, Just For The Health Of It With Dr Ketch. A 3-in-1 book on pregnancy, parenting, diet and so much more!How to get a copy?

You can get a copy of the book in any of the three following ways:

1) Laterna Books online shop with nationwide delivery. Just click on this link: https://www.laternabooks.com/laterna_product_details.php?v=15450&c=44

2) Another option for those in Lagos is Laterna Bookshop on 13, Oko-Awo Close, Off Adetokunbo Ademola Street,. Victoria Island.

3) If you’re outside the country, please visit Amazon through this link http://www.amazon.com/Just-Health-Ketch-Pregnancy-Parenting/dp/9789398026/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1426246647&sr=1-1&keywords=just+for+the+health+of+it+with+dr+ketch+olalere+nkechi

For those in Abuja and environs, please call 07030739403 or pick it up at No 5 Bricks Market, Dawaki 11 Market, Dawaki extension.

For those in Awka, please call 08189944090.

Follow her on twitter @ketchilola and like her facebook page http://www.facebook.com/healthylivingwithdrketch

Email: healthylivingwithdrketch@gmail.com

215 Responses to About Dr Ketch

  1. Fred says:

    wao!!!!… mam may GOD bless your hustl.


  2. Esther says:

    hello ma, i sweat too much regularly nd i dnt knw why


  3. Lilian C Akpors says:

    Goodevening Dr ketch ,i hv a big belly that has been worring me for years,i hv tried many teas ,gmy,now am taking laxative caps, pls i want to know if i should continue or what else i can do


  4. iyayis says:

    Dear Dr Ketch,
    Very fascinating work you are doing Ma’am. My focus is on biblical parenting and I currently promote a blog on my website http://www.lifeparentingacademy.com.

    I just finished my first book which will be published soon. Should you should to read through I could send the soft copy for your reading pleasure.

    Please keep up the good work.


  5. Mrs James Ehimen says:

    What is d best way to lose weight?


  6. Anekwe Dora says:

    How will know the amount of fruit , vegetable ,protine & carbohydrate to be taken daily.


  7. Bongi says:

    Hello maah. I have terrible clots in my legs. And highest percentage of cholesterol in my blood. I tried so many things to loose wait my fat are stubborn


  8. Bongi says:

    Dr I have diagnosed with highest cholesterol. Now I have terrible clots in my legs


  9. nnenna says:

    I like your program. Dr please, how I can burn the visceral fats


  10. dupe toluhi says:

    Hw can i treat ringworm.


  11. mercy says:

    After delivering through S C. i have not seen my menstrual cycle i keep on adding weight


  12. opeyemialayo says:

    Great work you are doing madam, can i pls have your email address


  13. ikraam says:

    I really like and appreciate your prgmme ma’a.but I just have a suggestion that I think it could be of help. My suggestion is that there shld be a graphic presentation of things that will help sme ppl will understnd what you’re saying.


  14. ikraam says:

    Hello Dr ketch, watching ur programme now and I saw the graphic presentation I suggested. May God grant you more strength and wisdom in ur endeavours.


  15. ediye says:

    Gudevening doc,i ve a mother @ about 58yrs,who sweat so much,it becoming sometin else now,pls want do u suggest we do,tanks


  16. ediye says:

    Wats d best time i meet my hubby afta my menses pls,tanks


  17. Jessica says:

    After my delivery of a bouncing baby girl, beside my navel there is something like a lump, it is not painful but after doing a tedious work , i always felt sharp pain in my stomach. What is the cause and how can it be cure?


  18. mary says:

    I need ask a question, can I do it here?


  19. ebosie chineye G says:

    Ma I really love and enjoy every bit of ur programme, I must confess it’s educating and entertaining my prayer is that May GOD almighty continue to enlarge ur coast and bless u and ur family immeasurably .


  20. Lilian says:

    I love your program and I watch it all the time. I have a 2yr old daughter and have since been trying for another one. What’s d right food to eat at this point? You can reply through my email. Thank u. Lilian from Abuja


  21. Lilian says:

    Dr,ur programmes are wonderful. During delivery last two yrs of my baby girl,I had placenta abrochure,it came with severe bleeding,I want to know if there is a possibility of it reoccurring in my next delivery and if so hw can I avoid it. God bless u,Lilian from Abuja


  22. Nassoro Kalase says:

    Really your shows help me alot


  23. Emma. Agbowu says:

    Waooo I love your show so much, it really key into the dream at our Fitness centre here in Sapele Delta state. Do you have any DVD you can share with us. We will really appreciate it.


  24. Nana Idris says:

    Please is eating of clay(urlor) healthy? This is urgent pls reply. Thanks


  25. Twisile Nganga says:

    hello Dr i got a miscarriage at first they though it was a threaten abortion where by they gave me medicine for preventing it after finishing up the dose i went back to check and i found i’m no longer pregnant my question is the medicine they gave at first wont give me any infection


  26. Georgewill Esther says:

    what are the kind of fruit to take and look health and how it can taken


  27. Georgewill Esther says:

    what are the kind of fruit to take to look health and how it can be taken


  28. Emmanuel okon says:

    Dr ketch I love ur proramme

    Liked by 1 person

  29. I like what you do Madam. You are helping the average Nigerian that hardly have access to vital health tips without paying a fortune. I’ve ordered you book, soon to arrive my domot. Please check my blog for good reads http://thepainkiller0.blogspot.com . thanks


  30. janet says:

    Hello doc.i want to know if having 1yr n few month spacing is ideal


  31. Tosin says:

    Dr., your program is awesome, keep the good job up. how do i deal with a big and embarrassing belly after two c-section, my husband is complaining seriously.


  32. Tosin says:

    Hello Dr., please you have not answer my question, this is the 3rd tine am asking: how do I deal with big, embarrassing and protruding belly after 2 C-Section. I am really bothered about it


  33. olubukunola jeminusi says:

    Much appreciated madam for your health and wellness work. Remain blessed. How can one become a certified wellness specialist?


  34. Jeremiah says:

    Hello ma, am 24yrs old over 2weeks now am having this feeling to have sex for me is not yet time to start having sex still want to wait please help what should I do?


  35. Wura says:

    Hello dr ketch,
    I’ll like to know your take on relationship between calcium and vitamin D because on your programme, the milk you advertise focus only on calcium but am a lil concerned that you are not talking about vitamin D seeing that most of the milk have low levels of vitamin D.


    • Hello Wura, thanks for writing in. Vitamin D is needed for proper absorption of calcium and in some of the ‘milk’ episodes, focus was on that. There was actually an episode on the fortification of milk (where of course, Vitamin A, D, E etc were discussed) and some other episodes provided sources of Vitamin D. Cheers


  36. Fredrick Banda says:

    Hello mama! I would like to know this, is fast ejacution when having sex, a problem or what? If its a problem, what advice can you give? Thank you


  37. Fredrick Banda says:

    I mean, fast ejaculation a problem or not, if yes what’s your advice? Thanks mum!


  38. josh says:



  39. mshokeri Juma Mandari says:

    I have my doughter with big scar on her face burn with hot oil,i had freand sow one of your program on Tv about sujary so can you advice me what to do to make my doughter beuty again?


  40. oladosu florence o says:

    Bless u dr. Pls ma I will like u 2 prescribe food I can give my 3month old baby aside NAN bcos I want 2 stop her breast due 2 my hearth challenge. Pls ma let me no when u wil reply 10nks my dear Dr. I want my identity be hidden


  41. Tshimbi says:

    Dr ketch i am suffering from Body Odor,and when am heated by the sun i start smell in bad smell which is constant everyday,and my face sweat salty which because when i touch my face i experience B.O.D on my hands…is the anything i can do that can help?


  42. Nworie Ekene says:

    Health they say is wealth and I say he who procure’s health procure’s wealth. May your procured wealth never desove


  43. Angella Kamahoro says:

    Hello Dr ketchi, Please help me with ur email address and tel number.I have got a number of things to consult u about.thanx.


  44. Akande martins says:

    Hello doctor, pls I need your phone number and email address or any of the two, I am diabetic and will really need advice. Thank you doctor Ketch.


  45. Missyyt says:

    Dr Ketch pls ma i really need your help,am too short what can i do to increase my height.


  46. Debby says:

    Hi doctor, how can i clear off d spots on my face and the stretch marks on my body. What are the causes of these stretch marks and how can i prevent it. Thanks


  47. scholastica chuwa says:

    Hellow Dr. I saw your program on Africa magic and I liked it.am from Tanzania and My baby is two month and half age. Am I allowed to give him water?


    • Absolutely, your baby should be drinkong water by now. We ask mothets not to gove water in additikn to breaat molk durong a baby’s first 6 months of life if you’re practicing exclusive breast feedinf


  48. Mary says:

    Hi ma,pls I want to loose my weight and my tommy is big..pls wat is the easy way to go.tnx


  49. Nyanguli Malima says:

    I real want to know the foods that I should eat always in order to increase well functioning and lasting longer in bed during sex


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