Daily Health Tips: Cheating, Feeling Wider And Marriage

Q: Dear Dr Ketch, I had a vaginal suture when I delivered my first child and everything was fine until after my third child. I observed that my vagina is wider than ever. With my husband’s infidelity, I knew something was wrong with me…maybe it’s not his basis for his infidelity but I just need to correct this problem. It’s about marriage. Please, help me. What can I do???

A: Sweetheart, you are not responsible for your husband’s infidelity. Noting is wrong with you! We need to stop this ‘humbility’ thing we do…blaming ourselves for everything that goes wrong with the world and especially our husbands. Your husband would be faithful if he felt it was worthwhile. The fact that he doesn’t feel it is worthwhile to do so, means something is wrong with him and not you!

By all means, do everything you can always, to make your home a haven of peace, joy and happiness. But, because it takes two to tango, nothing you do would be good enough until your husband decides to also see there is something in it for him. The bible says, ‘two cannot walk together, except they agree’. Be a great wife but do not empower your hubby to practice more infidelity by making excuses for him.

So, having said that, perhaps you can seek out counseling services. But remember that a philandering husband is an STI risk! For more on this, please click on this link: https://chatwithdrketch.com/2014/09/08/daily-health-tips-my-husband-cheats-how-do-i-prevent-stis/

Now, as to correcting the issue of feeling wider down there…it’s normal after child delivery. The simple solution is Kegel exercises. The exercise mimics the movements we make when we want to stop the flow of urine. Try holding this for about 10 seconds and then doing about 10 repetitions per set. Try about 4 to 6 sets per day and increase this as you feel ready.

Keep our head up, Sis. Get busy too…get a job or get a source of income and empower yourself. I am sure that you will be able to use your story to empower other women sometime soon.

Have a great night y’all 😀

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