Daily Health Tips: Why Is My 6-Month Old Niece Not Talking Properly Yet?

Q: Good morning, Dr Ketch. Thanks for this platform. It’s really helpful. Please my niece is almost 6 months old and I observed she doesn’t talk like most babies do when they are playing. She tries to by opening her mouth and with body language but just few sounds come out. I don’t know if you understand me? Even when she is laughing so hard, just the opening of mouth at times or talking like someone that wants to stammer. Please is this a problem? Or she is still too young to make these baby’s sounds frequently?
Please help thank you.
A: Thanks a lot for writing in and I’m happy to hear that this platform is helpful to you 😀
Between the ages of 4 and 6 months, your baby will begin to explore the world of sound. They would usually start with cooing sounds and by the end of 6 months they are making gurgling sounds, they babble and are responsive to music. Baby may recognize their own names, move their eyes in response to sounds or even their names etc
To help your baby’s development along, here are some things you can do yourself or advice your niece’s parents to do:
• Talk to your baby. I can just sense you looking at me like I’m crazy: ‘talking to a 6-month old!’ Yep! You don’t have to explain the intricacies of the oil price slump 😀 but you can certainly talk to your baby as you go about your day’s activities…describing what you’re doing. Yeah! Give it a try. And also repeat baby’s speech or babbles to her. Let her know in different ways that you’re excited when she talks 😀
• Read to your baby. This is something I started doing with my children from a very early age. It promotes the development of baby’s speech and thoughts. Start off with stories that have nice, bold pictures that you can show baby and then move on to other baby-friendly stories. Your baby absorbs the words and might even point out familiar pictures at some point.
Generally, babies may not necessarily meet up to all developmental timelines. Sometimes, they are ahead of them and at other times, they lag slightly behind. However, if you feel that something is wrong, please see your baby’s paediatrician. It may be nothing but then again, it may be due to an actual speech delay. Speech delays may be due to developmental delays, hearing loss or even a tongue tie. It’s better to be safe than sorry 🙂
Have a great evening, everyone 😀
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