Daily Health Tips: Itching Between My Breasts

Q: Hello doc, I’m having a reaction in between my breasts. Although I’m busty and I wear I very good bra. I itch each time I remove the bra to have my bath. After scratching it, I notice little swells like mosquito bites. Please, what can I do about it? I have been married for six months. I’m confused. I don’t know if it’s one of the signs of early pregnancy. Please,advice me.

A: Hello dear, thanks for writing in. People who are busty usually have a challenge with accumulation of fluids (water after taking a bath and not wiping down well or sweat after a long day) under their breasts. The focus should be on ensuring that you clean under your breasts after having a bath and use cotton bras.

For more on this, I reproduce a previous post I had made on this subject:

Underneath the breasts and between the inner thighs are usual places for rashes to form especially in overweight or busty people. This would usually occur when tight clothing or fabrics that do not allow your skin to ‘breathe’ trap moisture (sweat) between the skin folds. Thus, constantly wearing tights (cycling shorts) or polyester fabrics etc may lead to accumulation of this moisture which is a rich culture medium for fungal and other organisms to thrive. People with this fungal infection may also have athlete’s foot. For more on athlete’s foot, please click on the link


Other causes of itchy skin in these areas could be:
• Psoriasis (pronounce with the P silent) which could be triggered by stress, smoking, cold weather, injury to the skin etc
• Allergy: It could be a reaction to the fabric of bras or panties/underpants or even to medications taken
• Excessively dry skin from taking very hot baths etc
• Disease conditions like Diabetes Mellitus may also lead to itching in these areas.
• Pregnancy can cause itchy skin or worsen existing ones.
Treatment depends on cause.
• Generally, reduce stress and keep healthy by eating properly and exercising. Stress leads worsening of itching conditions and keeping healthy helps prevent overgrowth of fungal infections.
• Wearing cotton undies and avoiding tight fitting clothes are very helpful remedies.
• Try taking a bath with lukewarm water and then do not dry your skin thoroughly before moisturizing. For more on this please click on this link:https://chatwithdrketch.com/2013/11/06/daily-health-tip/
• Diagnosis of psoriasis and Diabetes Mellitus will be made by the doctor who will advice on treatment.

I hope this helps.

Have a great night y’all 😀

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1 Response to Daily Health Tips: Itching Between My Breasts

  1. Mushanana L. Nchunga says:

    My spouse has been having a problem of itching all over the body and every time she scratches swelling takes place in the form of a big lump on the affected part as if someone has been bitten by bees or similar. Currently the swelling is between the thighs where no lumps form but the scratching has resulted in the top skin layer disappearing and cuts appearing. Doctors suspect some sort of allergy but so far none has specified what causes the allergic reactions. She has been using all sorts of anti-itching tablets and skin medicine but to no avail. What should she do as once she starts scratching she just wants to go on and on even if the end result is hard lumps or cuts in between the legs.


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