Daily Health Tips: Vegetables Make Me Poop!

Q: There are germs inside raw vegetables. Sometimes, washing it alone won’t kill the germs. What do we do?

A: Truth is, there are germs all around us and potentially, in other foods we eat. But that doesn’t mean that we should stop eating, right? 😀 We just need to figure out safe ways of preparing them and getting rid of germs that may be on their surface.

For green leafy veggies, buy them whole from the market. When you’re ready to use them, pick the leaves and then soak in a bowl of water that has salt or food-safe disinfectant in it, for about 5 minutes. Swish the bowl around to ensure that all the sand settles to the bottom. Then pick out the veggies carefully and rinse in clean water.

The same applies to other veggies too. For carrots and potatoes, buy them, scrub and then boil. If you wish to eat it raw, just scrub and boil before peeling.

With this, you should be home free!  😀


Q: I always have issues with eating vegetables. Whenever I eat it, it makes me stool.

A:Well, apart from the anti-oxidants that are available in fruits and vegetables, one of the main functions of vegetables is also to provide dietary fibre (roughage) which add bulk to your stool and ensures that you have regular bowel movement; thus preventing constipation. So, it should make you stool! 😀

This fibre is not digested by your body and so passes by, almost, unchanged. This is why it promotes a feeling of fullness without the accompanying calories.

Apart from normalizing your bowel movement, it also helps lower cholesterol level and can help you achieve healthy weight, because you need more chewing time for this (so, your brain has time to receive the message that you are full) and because they are bulky, you feel full.

Foods rich in fibre include beans, peas, apples, carrots, oats, citrus fruits, green leafy veggies etc When cooking foods like beans or green leafy vegetables, be sure not to smother them in oil. It defeats the whole essence of healthy eating, doesn’t it? 😀


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