It’s Mothers’ Day…so what?!

Yesterday was mothers’ day…for Anglicans /Pentecostals and the social media was awash with tributes, messages, pictures and display pictures of mothers from the world over! Some of the messages were emotional, some were funny and some just took you…way back! It certainly took me on a journey…to a time when I felt that  the age ‘30’ was ancient, when I thought grey hair was ‘cool’ and when I was a custodian of all ‘cool’ lingo…now I struggle to keep up with my children! Those were the days….(sigh!). Mothers’ day for me, then, was spent at my grandmothers’ house with all my cousins, aunties and uncles congregating to eat, drink and be merry (naturally!). Gifts were exchanged at some point…I think! My ‘older’ mind races to recall….

But I digress! It is established…actually has been forever that mum is special! But…how many of us know what mum is dealing with these days? Those headaches she keeps complaining about, that just won’t go away.…are they symptoms of something else? Would you have an idea of any chronic condition she suffers from, if asked? Hypertension, Diabetes, arthritis? Does she have a blood pressure monitor? When was the last time she got a medical checkup? If she has a chronic ailment, have you ever bothered to ensure that her drug refill is continuous? Questions! Questions!

The aim of these questions…is not necessarily to evoke guilty feelings (though it may not be a bad place to start…especially if it is effective! ;)) It really is about the health of these precious people (and daddies are not left out!) In terms of emotional health, our mothers were there when other people were too busy…to heal our hurts, nurse those damaged limbs and fragile teenage egos! They kept our secrets and told nobody of those excruciatingly embarrassing moments that we wish we could just wipe away from history (have I got some of those!!!!)

So, to celebrate these special women, what would be a good mothers’ day gift? A car? A house? A new dress/lace fabric/aso-oke? A new phone? Blackberry Porsche perhaps? Am I getting warm? But going back to my trusted book, the bible…all these shall pass away. These things are not meaningful if mama/mum is not around. Yep! It won’t make sense to see all these stuff lying around when the person we bought them for is not around. Or the most ridiculous of all! Spend tons of money that, perhaps, poor mum never knew we had when she was alive, for her burial! It is so senseless!

Is there an answer in here somewhere, I hear you ask? Actually yes! Please visit mum often…this improves her emotional health. Go with your family and just say hello…not just on mothers’ day! Call her up from time to time. Buy her a BP monitor to check her blood pressure at home. Get a doctor/nurse to do house calls and check on her. Buy her a health plan that registers her in a hospital next door to the house and ensures that she is covered for all manner of medical care from the basic to the esoteric and even covers the supply of her drugs on a monthly basis. This takes away the pressure of remembering to send money down for the drugs, takes away the pressure of trying to figure out how to fund mum’s surgery (should there be need for one) and makes mum know very clearly that she is firmly on your mind despite the fact that you may not really be near her all the time.

The boost to her emotional health adds more years than drugs can and makes her a happier woman. For those who have children, you just might be teaching them how you would like to be looked after in your time! So, don’t waste time…call up an HMO today and get mum’s health plan started. Please get one for dad too…I don’t want to be accused of gender insensitivity! And while you’re at it…one for you and your family!

So, here’s to a healthier mum…and a healthier you!

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