Daily Health Tips: Can We Have Slim Children If My Fiance And I Are Fat?

Hello doctor, I am fat individual and my wife-to-be is also fatter than me. Is there any chance of having slim children?

Yes it is possible to have slim children. However, it will take significant will-power from both you and your wife-to-be. The change has to start from both of you. You need to make a commitment to eating healthier and staying fit. This involves eating more fruits and veggies and getting at least 30 minutes of exercise per day. For more tips on how to start on this journey, please click on these links:




This focus has to continue during pregnancy to ensure that your baby doesn’t get too big, all things being equal. Your children have to have good examples to copy and that’s why it’s important that you and your partner start to do the right things now so that you can model the right behavior for your children later.

Get them off to a good start by providing exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months. After that add other foods. The weaning period is usually a trying time as some children tend to be very picky as they sort through the multiple different tastes that we offer up for their eating pleasure. Make feeding time fun and interesting. Try not to add more than one new meal per week. This helps the baby get accustomed to the new meal before another is introduced. It also helps you to know if your baby is reacting to a particular meal or ingredient. Remember that even with the addition of new meals, breast feeding should be continued until baby is two years old.

For people who have asked, yes, baby can get regular milk from one year of age. Indeed, this should be full cream milk at this time. From the age of 2 years though, this milk should be switched to skimmed milk or 1 or 2% milk.

Baby should get a variety of meals during this period. For more guidance on this, please click on this link:


Activity is also critical for the children. In this age where the TV is on from morning till night with all sorts of computer, video and handheld games vying for attention, you have to make a conscious effort to ensure that the children get at least one hour of activity per day. This should not be too difficult as children do love to be able to play and run around…as soon as they are old enough to do so.

So, the journey to the right weight for your children starts with the right weight for you and your partner and a determination to model the right behavior. I hope this serves as sufficient motivation to keep you and wifey on the straight and narrow path of good health :D

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Have a good night, everyone :D

Here’s to a healthier you!

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Daily Health Tips: My Son Has Body Odour

Q: Please Doc, my 8year old boy has started having this odour especially when he sweats. Please, what can I do to stop this or is it normal because when I checked his armpit I found some hair coming out? Please I need answers ASAP. Thanks

A: Thanks for writing in. Is this normal? Well, from around the age of 8 to 10 years, children begin to sweat a little more and of course with the sweat comes the possibility of body odour. So, this is the time to teach him some hygiene lessons that will be helpful forever :D

He needs to take a shower twice a day or failing that, at least once a day. This helps wash away sweat as well as reduce the number of bacteria on his skin.

Most people don’t know but sweat on its own is virtually odourless. But when bacteria that live naturally on your skin mix with sweat, they multiply quickly and become smelly.

Teach him to towel off after a bath or shower. He needs to pay close attention to areas where he sweats a lot. Sweat causing bacteria love moist areas.

Get him a deodorant or anti-perspirant to use on his underarms twice a day, in the morning and the evening. Deodorants do not actually prevent sweating, but they mask the smell of bacteria on the skin. Now that he has underarm hair, he has to shave that and groin area hairs frequently as they trap sweat and encourage smells.

Change undergarments frequently. Honestly, panties and underpants should be changed whenever you take a bath. And please remember to wash the discarded ones when you change.

When sweating heavily or in very hot weather,  he should change clothes frequently…and it’s important to wash those sweaty clothes before wearing them again! Fresh clothes help keep body odour down.

Teach him to change his socks too, especially if he tends to have foot odour. Deodorant powders or detergent based running shoe cleaners used in shoes are useful.

Be sure to reassure him that this is all part of growing up and as is usual with this process, he has new responsibilities that go with this stage :D

Have a good night, y’all :D

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Daily Health Tips: Why Do I Urinate A Lot At Night?

Q: Good evening Doc. I drink a lot of water during the day and at night and sometimes I pee more often than the amount of water I take. When I am at work, I don’t pee a lot but when I get home I do pee a lot at night. Please, I would like to know if it’s a sickness.

A: Thanks for writing in.

Getting up frequently at night to urinate is called nocturia. People with this condition would usually wake up more than once to use the bathroom at night. It is a frequent cause of loss of sleep. It tends to happen as people get older as the body produces less of the hormone that helps the body retain fluid (anti-diuretic hormone) and the holding capacity of the bladder reduces. Then again, this can occur simply because one drinks way too much fluid before bed time but is also pretty common in pregnancy, people with diabetes and people taking diuretic medications (medications that make people produce more urine). Problems with the urinary tract can also lead to this: a urinary tract infection, tumours in the bladder or even prostate gland etc

Treatment? Well, this depends on the cause. If it’s due to drinking a lot of fluid, especially those that contain caffeine, before bedtime, then restricting or limiting this may help. If you’re on diuretics, then your doctor may review your time of taking these drugs. Otherwise, I suggest you see a doctor who will examine you properly and order some investigations. Treatment options include lifestyle interventions like elevating legs when sleeping or wearing compression stockings and also medications which may among other things reduce urine production. Your doctor will determine the best course of action for you.

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Have a great evening, y’all :D

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Daily Health Tips: How Do I Get Rid Of Acne?

Q: Hi Dr I have acne/pimples. What can I use to get rid of them?

A: Questions on pimples are very frequent as people wonder how to stop getting them or what to do to get rid of them. So here goes:

Pimples or acne are always a serious concern for males and females of all ages. When you’re a teenager, it appears life is generally miserable when you have a lot of these and when you’re older, it’s embarrassing and almost as if, you didn’t pass through rites of the teenage years and now have to deal with it at this age :D Either way, it can be a source of emotional upset. Stressing out about it, now makes it even worse as stress can make acne worse even if it doesn’t directly cause it.

Acne happens when hair follicles get blocked by dead skin cells and oil. They are most frequently found on the face, back, shoulders and neck.

Pimples are usually increased or aggravated by hormones which are in abundant supply during the teenage years, pregnancy, before the start of a menstrual period and when using some medications. In other instances, pimples result from friction between clothes and skin (e.g. collar, or wearing a back pack often), having greasy hair or other materials constantly touching the skin and a family history of acne.

Acne can be inflammatory (in which case they are usually painful like pimples) or non-inflammatory (blackheads or whiteheads). One of the major problems with acne is the fact that a lot of the people who have them can’t leave them well alone…plucking, tweaking, pressing and just generally touching them leading to more inflammation, scarring and even bacterial infections as germs from hands are transferred to them.

Treatment of acne is targeted at one or a mixture of the following factors: reducing inflammation, reducing oil production, improving skin cell turnover and reducing bacterial infection.

Creams with Salicylic acid or Benzoyl peroxide are useful for removing dead skin cells, killing off bacteria and reducing oil production. You may notice some slight irritation initially which wears off in a little while. Where in doubt, please see your doctor


Your doctor could also prescribe other (stronger) drugs if the above do not work to deal with the acne and the scarring.

You can prevent pimples by using gentle cleansers on your face in the morning and evening. Be sure that they do not dry out your face as these cause even further irritation.

Do not use your body soap on your face for the same reason. Use a facial bar or facial wash.

Keep greasy hair off your face and wear loose clothes that allow your skin to breathe. Cotton is always a great idea :D For this same reason, if you always carry a rucksack, switch it around and carry other bags in turn to allow your back ‘breath’

Do not use greasy cosmetics and if you have acne, perhaps you should give your foundation a miss for a while or try not to be too heavy handed with it :D

Be sure to wipe all your makeup off your face every night. Those pores need some air after all that war paint we put over them :D

And…please leave your face alone, especially if you’ve got pimples. Continually picking at them will just cause more scarring and increase the likelihood of bacterial infections ;)

For natural methods, Alpha hydroxy acids found in some fruits have been found to also be helpful. A good number of creams contain this and they help unclog pores and remove dead skin cells. Use with caution though as they may cause some irritation.

I hope this helps. Have a great night, people :D

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Pregnancies And Big Babies!

Help! I’m pregnant and my doctor says my baby is big!

Just in case you weren’t quite convinced by the ‘you don’t have to eat for two’ advice, this question on big babies should help.

Q: Doc, I am an expectant mother in the last trimester. My Doc told me my baby is big. What does this mean? Am I safe?

A: The focus should be on what caused the big baby and what can be done to ensure that you and baby come out okay.

Big babies are usually seen in women who
• Are diabetic.
• Have gestational Diabetes (Diabetes that is observed during pregnancy),
• Are obese
• Have had another big baby before
• Have had a lot of babies (from the 5th pregnancy, the risk of big babies increase)
• Excessive weight gain during pregnancy
• Are older. From age 35 years, the risk of having a big baby increases
• Have pregnancies that are overdue. When a pregnancy is more than 2 weeks overdue, the chances of a big baby are increased.

For women with big babies (fetal macrosomia), a vaginal delivery may not be a complete no no! However, your OBGYN will weigh the risk of that against your medical history and other pre-existing medical conditions.

To prevent this, remember that feeding for 2 is a fad. You don’t really need to eat like a horse :D You and your baby don’t need that much.

If you’d like to know more about how to prevent this and how to cope if you have this condition in pregnancy, get details from the book, Just For The Health Of It. You can get a copy via the shop now link on our facebook page. Or you can get it through:

1) Jumia.com. Just click on this link http://www.jumia.com.ng/jumia-books-just-for-the-health-of-it-with-dr-ketch-179486.html and get a copy. You have the option of paying when the book is delivered to you or paying online. This service is available all over Nigeria.

2) Another option for those in Lagos is Laterna Bookshop on 13, Oko-Awo Close, Off Adetokunbo Ademola Street,. Victoria Island.

3) If you’re outside the country, please visit Amazon through this link http://www.amazon.com/Just-Health-Ketch-Pregnancy-Parenting/dp/9789398026/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1426246647&sr=1-1&keywords=just+for+the+health+of+it+with+dr+ketch+olalere+nkechi

Have a great week ahead, people :D

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Daily Health Tips: World Heart Day 2015

September 29 each year is set aside as World Heart Day. This day was founded to spread the news that heart diseases and stroke remain the leading causes of death worldwide. This year the theme for the day was Creating Heart Healthy Environments.

How can we do that? By ensuring that the places we live, work and spend time in do not increase our risks of heart-related diseases. Majority of the premature deaths from heart disease can be prevented by focusing on four lifestyle habits:
• Food:
o Eat more heart healthy foods like fruits and vegetables.
o Use heart healthy oils to cook (eg olive oil) and be sure to use small amounts of even that.
o Limit your intake of salt, sugar and processed foods

• Exercise:
o Create opportunities to exercise and be more active.
o Try and get a minimum of 150 minutes of exercise weekly
o Focus on activities that you love eg dancing, walking, jogging etc
o Find innovative ways to get more exercise
Dance or perform jumping jacks during commercial breaks while watching your favourite TV shows
Pack your car a little farther from your office and walk the rest of the way
Or stop a bus stop away from your usual and walk the rest of the way
Have standing meetings at work
While at work, get up every 1 hour and stretch
Join a dancing class
Get up and walk around every time you’re receiving a call
Put your phone box a little farther away from you in the office so that you have to get up to pick it up when it rings

• Smoking: Quit smoking! There’s no easy way of saying this. There’s no recommended amount of smoking per day. It’s just plain bad for you! Remember that second-hand smoke is just as bad for the people around. For tips on how to go about this, please click on this link:http://chatwithdrketch.com/…/daily-health-tips-i-want-hep-…/

• Alcohol: Reduce your consumption of alcohol and if you don’t drink, please don’t start! For more help with this, please click on this linkhttp://chatwithdrketch.com/…/…/daily-health-tips-alcoholism/

Ensure that your work, sleep and play and environments encourage healthy eating, exercise and discourage smoking and limits alcohol.

Have a great weekend, everyone :D

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Daily Health Tips: What Can Help Me Grow Taller?

Q: Please doctor, what can I use to grow tall and slim? I’m 20 years old.

Hello dear, thanks a lot for writing in.

To be slim is really a function of diet and exercise. If you eat healthy and get at least 30 minutes of exercise on 5 days of the week, you should be good. For more tips on this, please click on this link:

For your answer on height, I reproduce a post I had made on this:

Q: Am 18yrs old, I have an issue with my height and I don’t like it. I have missed so many opportunities and things I would have achieved because of my height. Sometimes, people even mock me because of it. I really wish to grow taller, please what can I do?

A: A person’s final height is as a result of a combination of factors: genetics (if your parents are short, you are more likely to be short), nutrition (during the critical growing up years and especially before birth), general health and hormones (growth hormone, thyroid hormone and sex hormones). Having said these, there’s no hard and fast rule really, as some ‘short’ parents give birth to
As I mentioned above, the fastest period of growth is experienced before the baby is born. Thereafter, another growth spurt is experienced during puberty with boys generally growing more than girls. During this period, the growth plates (areas of growing tissues located at the ends of long bones. These are the areas where bones grow) are very active until they end of puberty when they mature, fuse and stop growing. Once the growth plates are fused, growth has been concluded and height cannot be increased. There is no specific age at which this occurs really: people who start puberty early will probably stop growing before others who started later.

‘Normal’ when used to describe height can vary from place to place with differences in ethnic groups, cultures and continents.

Sometimes, there may be a medical condition associated with height variations (short or tall statures), but most people are normal and just at the lower end of normal (for the short) and at the higher end of normal (for the tall).

If the cause of ‘shortness’ is a medical problem or a hormone deficiency, this can be rectified. For instance, if there is a deficiency of growth hormone, this may be administered. However, this can only be done in children…before the growth plates fuse (at about 14/15 years for girls and at about 16 years for boys). Once this has happened, no drug can increase height. Surgery in which the legs are cut apart and then gradually separated to increase height is an option, with attendant possible complications of infection and of course, fracture. Not really advisable.

Now, people can be mean…sad but very true:) It would be nice to have a great supporting group of people everywhere you go. But the opposite, is often the case. Sometimes, those people actually mock, because it makes them feel superior and better about their own inadequacies…and trust me, we all have them. It may just be that they are not as visible as others.

I can only imagine the teasing you had to endure as a child and it probably hasn’t ended now. But guess what? What they say, doesn’t define who you are. You’ve got to find that ‘true you’ from the inside. That person remains consistent and holds firm to her values irrespective of what is going on outside. So, the first thing to do is make peace with yourself. This is who you are…but your height does not define the amazing heights you are going to soar to.

Create other opportunities for yourself. I don’t know what you’ve missed out on…but you need to stop feeling everyone is judging you because of your height. Perhaps, if you want to be a model, it might be an issue :) Otherwise, I’m sure there’s a whole lot you can do. Your brain is intact and ready to roar!

Then learn to walk tall, literally and figuratively. A good posture with a ram-rod straight back may make you appear taller. What about high heels? Let’s spend a few seconds and say a kind prayer for the person who invented these! :D What would our lives be without these?!

And you know what? I’m not particularly tall myself…my first daughter is already taller than I am and the second and third are gearing up to follow suit :D Very disrespectful of them, don’t you think? :D But what do I care? I carry myself like I matter and so when I enter a place, people sit up and take notice :D
So, if I can leave you with a last word, it would be, just learn to love who you are and be comfortable in your skin :)

Have a good night, y’all :D

Here’s to a healthier you!

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