Daily Health Tips: Ebola In The News!

Good morning, y’all

Hope you all slept well. Well, brace yourselves…if you’re in Lagos Nigeria. It’s official! The first case of Ebola has been officially recorded.

If you missed my post on Ebola, a couple of months ago when it all started, please click on this link to read up on it. This is one situation where prevention is definitely better than cure.


With news of planes falling off the skies with disturbing frequency, this is news we can do without.

Be safe people :(

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Daily Health Tips: My 3-Year Old Daughter Urinates On Herself After She Has Been Potty-Trained!

Q: Hello doc, I really need your help with this. My 3 year-old still pees on her cloths during the day. She never used to do this before and this got me wondering if she needs a medical help. It got very annoying that I had to beat her every time she does it but it didn’t help solve the problem. Please I need your advice on this.

A: I can understand your frustration but please don’t beat your baby. Though a lot of children are potty trained by this time, it is not unnatural to have them ‘backslide’ :D And the more you make an issue out of it by screaming, yelling, smacking etc, the worse it gets!

First off for a girl-child, the issues of hygiene may lead to infection (urinary tract infection) which causes them to void urine before they can get to the toilet. It is never too early to teach your baby to wipe from the front to the back or to do it yourself if you’re cleaning her up. She will learn from your example.

Then, your child could also be ‘seeking some attention’ if there have been changes in her world as she knew it: a new baby brother/sister, move to a new house etc

Constipation and being so engrossed in play and forgetting to urinate have also been implicated. Poor posture while urinating can lead to the trapping of some urine in the vagina and its later ‘leakage’.

So, if your family is going through any change, please talk your daughter through it. We sometimes think that they are too young to understand. The main thing she really needs to hear is that it will all be okay and that she is very much a central part of your life.

You do need to take her to the hospital though, just to rule out an infection. Better safe than sorry. Whether she has an infection or not, please institute better toilet hygiene practices and advice on the proper posture for urination. For ladies, this posture is sitting on the edge of the toilet seat with legs apart but supported by seat and leaning slightly forward. And before you say it, I know…this posture can definitely not be achieved in a public toilet when you’re trying to touch as few surfaces as possible :D

Having more fruits and veggies in food can help prevent constipation and thus takes care of one risk factor ;)

Have a good night everyone :D

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Daily Health Tips: Can A Child Have A Different Blood Group From His/Her Parents?

Q: Hello Dr. Ketch. Good morning. Please Dr. my question is, is it possible for a child to have a different blood group from both parents?? Both parents happen to be B+ but the child’s O+. Please doc, how is this possible? Thanks and God bless ma’am

A: Yes it is possible. Remember that we inherit our blood groups from our parents. So each parent brings something to the table. The child eventually has the blood group with the dominant genes. Blood groups A and B are co-dominant but O is recessive. This means that the presence of the O gene is usually masked by the more dominant A or B genes. Now all that grammar :D simply means that:

A person with blood group A, may actually have inherited two ‘A’ genes from both parents (one from each parent) or one A gene from one parent and one O gene from another parent. In the same way, a person with blood group B may have inherited two B genes (one from each parent) or one B gene from one parent and one O gene from another parent. So, the parents could have different blood groups from the child, depending on the gene expressed.

Here’s a guide:


Father with A

 Father with B

Father with  AB

Father with  O

Mother with A

Child: A or O

Child: A, B, AB or O

Child: A, B or AB

Child: A or O

Mother with B

Child: A, B, AB or O

Child: B or O

Child: A, B or AB

Child: B or O

Mother with AB

Child: A,B or AB

Child: A, B or AB

Child: A, B or AB

Child: A or B

Mother with O

Child: A or O

Child: B or O

Child: A or B

Child: O



As they say in Secondary School debates, I hope I’ve convinced and not confused you that it is possible for a child to have a different blood group from the parents :D This situation may not be suggestive of hanky-panky on any side; it also may not mean that there was child swapping involved and you need to trust me on this….there are no remote controls working overtime in the village trying to rob you of your bundle of joy :D

Have a good night y’all :) Sleep tight

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Daily Health Tips: Can I Have A Baby ‘Normally’ After A Cervical Tear?

Hallos people :D Brace yourself for a long read ;)

Q: Hello Dr Ketch, I was opportune to see you for the 1st time on Thursday last week on TV.I had just gotten back from the hospital where I lost my day old baby due to the carelessness of the nurses because they refused to follow Dr’s instructions. I decided to share my problem with you via inbox. Please help me out. I didn’t have prolonged labour because I put to bed almost immediately I arrived the hospital. When baby was about to come out, the midwife said he had pooped and so the water was contaminated. They took baby to clean him up because he was really crying.  After then, she noticed blood and called for doctor to come. The bleeding became excessive due to cervical tear according to them. But they managed to get it back together. Now I am wondering if that tear can cause me not to get pregnant again or when pregnancy comes, because I know God cannot fail me. Will I be able to deliver normally? Also when will it be ok to resume sex because the thought of it scares me, even though I am lonely and want another baby soon (I have a daughter already but I need a son).Forgive me for sounding desperate but it’s bothering me because I had high hopes that I will stop after this boy. Thanks in anticipation!

A: My heart really goes out to you because of your loss. I cannot imagine what it feels like to hear the cry of your baby only to be told soon after that he/she is no more. I can only pray that God, (who alone knows how best to console us) grants you the grace to overcome this pain and look forward to the other blessings He is about to release into your life. I hope that you have loving and supportive family and friends around at this time to help you through this grief. Trust me, you will smile someday soon. My heart and my prayers are with you.

It sounds like what happened to you is precipitate labour. This is labour that lasts less than 3 hours and results in the rapid delivery of a baby. These babies, as a result, oftentimes don’t quite make it to the hospital before they are born and sometimes, if they do, the aseptic (thoroughly disinfected) conditions needed for delivery to occur may not be possible. So, one of the complications of this type of birth is infection…for obvious reasons.

Babies can ‘poop’ inside the amniotic fluid. The main complication of this is the fact that they can inhale this ‘poop’ called meconium from the liquor causing a major health scare in which the meconium inhaled, blocks the airway, preventing baby from breathing properly after birth. Perhaps this was what happened to your baby. I suggest you have a chat with your doctor to have a better explanation of what happened and thus have closure on this matter.

Cervical tears are usual with precipitate labour/delivery because the rapidly descending baby’s head does not give the mother’s tissues time to stretch to accommodate the baby’s head. With these tears, there is the possibility of massive bleeding and of course, infection from the oftentimes, less than sterile conditions at delivery.

It’s not abnormal to be ‘wary’ of sexual intercourse after an experience like yours. The main reason is because you feel very sore down there and the last thing you want is anything that aggravates that pain. There are no hard and fast rules. You can resume sexual relations once you feel up to it. It is usually a good idea to wait until after the 6 week period when your obstetrician gives you the all-clear.

How soon can you start trying for another baby? There are different schools of thought. Lots of studies have shown that there is nothing gained by waiting before trying again but World Health Organization suggests waiting at least six months before starting on that path. The latter advice may very well give your body time to heal before getting pregnant again. However, discuss this with your obstetrician who will be in the best position to advice

From the details above, there really should not be any problems with getting pregnant again or having the baby, normally. If your obstetrician feels that you need to have your cervix sutured (cervical cerclage) when you’re pregnant again, then that will also help prevent problems. Now, I assume that by ‘normally’ you mean vaginally and indeed, this is possible. However, in every situation, not just in yours, for every woman who goes into labour, there is always the possibility (no matter how remote) that the delivery could be through Caesarian Section (CS)…and there is nothing wrong with that. In Africa, we tend to always box ourselves into the corner of feeling that we are not ‘woman’ enough if we do not deliver ‘normally and as a result, we take unnecessary risks with our lives when we are advised to go for CS.  Please remember, that the main outcome that we all pray for when a pregnant woman goes in for delivery is to have mother and baby, alive and well. So, let’s focus on the important things :D

Finally, remember that you have no way of knowing whether you’re going to have a boy or girl (except you go for the hi-tech means of conception), so please don’t set yourself up for another heartbreak. Let’s focus on getting you better, physically and emotionally, and then take the rest one day at a time.

Please be sure that you are under the care of an obstetrician (who will examine you thoroughly and advice on way forward based on this) and remain strong. It is well with you :D

Lots of love and hugs

Have a good night everyone and thanks for reading through it all :D



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Daily Health Tips: How Can I Lose Weight Without Feeling Starved?

Q: Thanks Doctor. Please, ma’am, how can I lose weight quickly without feeling starved?

A: Hmm, good question. I’m sure a lot of people have wondered this :D Oh dear, I wish I had some easy answers to give. But I don’t ;)

First, losing weight quickly is not a great idea as it puts you at risk of dehydration (because when you lose weight rapidly, you essentially lose water weight which so easy to put back on and may also lead to electrolyte imbalance which can interfere with the proper beating of the heart and contraction of muscles), gall stones and even malnutrition as the body is deprived of essential nutrients.

Then, I’m sure you already know this but it bears repeating J Portion control is critical. Reduce your plate size and follow the 50:25:25 rule which is 50% of your plate filled with veggies, 25% (one quarter) filled with complex carbohydrates like beans, wheat meal, local rice etc and the last 25% filled with protein like fish or chicken. When you’ve taken the right portion, take your time about eating. Don’t wolf it all down because you feel very hungry. Take your time and chew every morsel. Beyond being in tune with etiquette :D it helps give your brain the time needed for it to receive the signal that the stomach is full. If you eat too fast, you would have stuffed yourself before you feel full. Remember that vegetables form soluble fibre which absorb water and thus give you a feeling of being full for a longer period of time.

You can have 5 meals per day: three major meals and then two snacks. While snacking, eat a handful of nuts, eat some fruit slices dipped in yoghurt or peanut butter, drink a glass of smoothie etc. Please click on the link below for more tips on snacking http://chatwithdrketch.com/2013/04/07/healthy-snacking/

Try to mentally confirm that you’re really hungry whenever you feel the urge to munch on something. Sometimes, it is thirst, boredom or some emotional stress that we are trying to deal with by eating.

Surround yourself with healthy snack and food options so that you are encouraged to do the right thing ;)

Remember that the path to healthy eating/living is long and winding but there’s always a pot of gold at the end of it. The short cuts always bring you back to where you started because they are not sustainable.

Start off today…the first couple of days are often the hardest but if you stick with it, you will feel so much better and be, indeed, healthier :D

Good night, people :D

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Daily Health Tips: How Can I Prevent Incontinence (Leaking Urine)?

Hallos :D I hope you’ve had a great day so far?

I came across this article from a Harvard Medical School newsletter. It gives five tips to prevent urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence, by the way, refers to inability to control the bladder which may range from occasional leaks when one coughs to sudden urge to urinate followed by voiding of urine if the person doesn’t get to the toilet on time.

Exercise or some form of physical activity was found to be protective of incontinence. Remember that the standard recommendation is a minimum of 150 minutes of exercise per week. You can get this done in so many different ways:

  • Use the stairs instead of the elevators
  • Dance when getting ready for work
  • Park your car farther than you would normally do and walk the distance
  • Get off your bus a bus stop away from your usual stop and walk
  • Get your driver (chauffeur) to stop you by the gate of your house or office and walk
  • Send your documents in the office to a printer farther away from you and go pick it up
  • Encourage your HR department to put the water dispenser farther away from the offices to encourage people to walk. Putting them in the stairwell and having some hidden speakers provide some music is a great idea
  • Arm wrestle with anyone who cares to take you on.
  • Try and participate in the house chores instead of getting your house keeper to do them all
  • Take a 30 minute walk every evening
  • Install a reminder in your laptop to remind you to take ‘activity breaks’ every hour. Example, stretch clock

Honestly, if you put your mind to it, there are a gazillion ways of ensuring you get your 30 minutes of exercise daily. Remember that you need to get as much activity as possible into each day as opposed to trying to do all the 150 minutes at once over the weekend. This may over-stretch your heart.

Excess weight  is believed to weaken pelvic floor muscles causing leaks when one coughs or sneezes. So, if overweight, try losing some weight. It may be helpful

Ensuring that your diet has adequate sources of fiber and water may also prevent incontinence, because straining at stool may also weaken pelvic floor muscles. Fiber adds bulk to your stool and together with water, prevent constipation.

Alcohol and caffeine and alcohol have been linked to incontinence and in this instance (urge incontinence) one feels the urge to urinate even when there is very little fluid in the bladder. Other food substances that are implicated in this include the sweetener, aspartame, spicy foods, carbonated drinks etc

Smoking has been implicated in several health conditions and also makes an appearance here. Nicotine (found in cigarettes) has been associated with incontinence. So, if you smoke, don’t reduce the amount you smoke…just stop :D If you don’t smoke, don’t start.

Have a productive week y’all :D

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Daily Health Tips (video): How To Brush Your Teeth Right!

Do you have young children who are learning to brush their teeth? Do you help them out or just let them carry on on their own? Here’s a guide to helping them do it right.


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