Daily Health Tips: Salt Water Solution For Contraception In A Hypertensive etc

Q1: Hello Dr, I have been having this headache / sensation at d left side of my head , please ma’am what could have caused this? I just treated malaria. I wear glasses. About 2weeks ago , I went for a comprehensive check on my sight . I had to change my glasses but still the sensation persists. I usually use salt and water solution for pregnancy prevention which I did again about 2weeks ago. I was so weak with sensation in the head last week, I went to see the doctor. My BP read 150/ 100. I was placed on some drugs and the BP went down, but I am not too ok in my head. I feel weak in my left arm and leg. No more headache but sensation at d left side of my head. Please help me. I am 47yrs

Q2: Good evening ma’am. Thanks so much for your lectures. You are really doing a great job. God bless you. Please ma’am, answer me this time. I have been sending you messages but no reply.
Please I want to know the normal blood pressure (BP) level for pregnant women and non-pregnant people. And also causes of high and low BP. Please I need your advice. Please ma’am, help me out

A: I decided to take these two questions together since they both dealt with high blood pressure and I will start with the first.

It’s important that the writer of question 1, visits the hospital immediately. The symptom of weakness on one side of the body is very suspicious. If this is accompanied by drooping on that side of the face and slurring of speech, then it’s time to act fast and prevent a stroke! Please do not use salt water as a means of contraception. This is dangerous…especially for someone whose blood pressure reading is suspect. The sheer outrage which greeted the stories of people who drank salt water solution for Ebola and those who subsequently died thereafter, is sufficient evidence that this solution should not be taken.

For more information on contraception and stroke, please click on the links below:






And for the second question, I apologize if it took me a while to get to you.

Blood pressure readings are interpreted as same, pregnancy or no pregnancy. Any level more than 140/90mmHg is seen as hypertensive. A woman may already be hypertensive before pregnancy and on medication. She may be found to be hypertensive before 20th week of pregnancy in which case it is believed she had previously undetected high blood pressure or she may be discovered to have high blood pressure after the 20th week, in which case it is believed that this high blood pressure is pregnancy-induced (Pregnancy Induced Hypertension). This would usually resolve within 6 weeks of having a baby. If a woman with PIH goes on to develop protein in urine, she is at risk of pre-eclampsia (in which protein leaks from kidneys into urine) or eclampsia (in which the woman experiences fits and seizures)

High blood pressure in pregnancy needs to be addressed as this poses a danger to both mother and baby.

Low blood pressure can also occur in pregnant women as a result of the increase in circulation and the fact that blood vessels have dilated due to the effect of hormones. There is no absolute figure for this but if it produces symptoms like dizziness, fainting, blurring of vision, your doctor should hear of this.

For more on blood pressure, please click on the links below:




Be sure to make your antenatal classes interactive. Ask your doctor questions about your health and indeed your blood pressure readings if they are cause for concern.

Have a good night y’all :D

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Daily Health Tips: How Soon After Pregnancy Does A Baby Start Moving?

Q: Good evening Doctor.Please at what month does a baby starts kicking? How good are all these supplements (Pregnacare, Obron 6) etc and at what month is a pregnant woman supposed to start taking them? Please notify me when you answer my question.

A: The first time you feel your baby’s movement is known as quickening and the time women feel it varies person to person. It ranges from 16 to 25 weeks but women who have had babies before may feel this much earlier. Women describe it as different things: a bubbly feeling; butterflies in their tummy; gas etc.

When should a woman start taking supplements? Well, to answer that it’s important to note that there are 3 vitamins that are particularly important to pregnant women:

Folic acid prevents neural tube defects which may occur during the first 28days of pregnancy. This is usually the period when quite a number of women do not even know they are pregnant. Thus, women who plan on getting pregnant should start on folic acid supplements at least 3 months before their planned date to safeguard against neural tube defects. If you haven’t started this earlier and realize you’re pregnant, start taking them as soon as possible and continue until about 12 weeks.

Calcium is important for proper development of teeth and bones and if the woman is not taking enough, the baby, being a perfect parasite :D will gladly help himself from his mother’s stash of calcium in her bones! :)

Iron is important for the transportation of oxygen round the body.

Now, it’s important that you discuss all other supplements you were taking prior to pregnancy with your doctor, so that he can advice on what to take and what to drop, as some vitamins in excessive amounts may be harmful to baby eg Vitamin A. He will then recommend the appropriate prenatal vitamins for you.

Have a great week ahead, y’all :D

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Daily Health Tips: Why Do I Feel Sad When I Breastfeed?

Hello, y’all :D I hope you missed my post yesterday. I apologize. I was completely exhausted. It has been a long couple of weeks for me. My body insisted on taking the much needed rest it required yesterday evening and the better part of today. I feel more human now :D

How was your week? I hope y’all found time to rest today.

And now to the question I would have posted yesterday…

Q: Good day, ma’am. My baby is 4 months old and anytime, I breastfeed my baby, I feel sad. I don’t know the cause. Should I stop breastfeeding? Looking forward to your sweet reply.

A: Congratulations on your new baby :D
Everyone talks about how fleeting the pain of childbirth is once the bundle of joy is held in the arms of the mother. It then appears ‘somewhat’ unnatural when mothers experience sadness in taking care of the baby or as this mother says, sadness when breastfeeding. This was a previously unknown situation and mother who experienced this felt alienated from family, friends and even their medical personnel as nobody appeared to understand what they were going through. Was this postnatal depression? Was this a psychological problem? I daresay in our environment, people would have asked if the woman was demon-possessed ;D

Well, recent researches have shown that this situation is called D-MER (Dysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex). The term dysphoric refers to dissatisfaction. Usually, when a baby latches on to the nipple of his mother for breast milk, the hormones, oxytocin and prolactin are released. Prolactin acts on the milk producing cells of the breast and the oxytocin acts to let the breast release the milk (let down reflex). At this same time, the level of dopamine decreases. In D-MER, the level of decrease in dopamine is extreme leading to sadness, feelings of negativity etc. This feeling is fleeting though, lasting seconds to few minutes as the level of dopamine normalizes. This feeling may also be precipitated at times when the milk ejection reflex is activated like when you think about feeding your baby or when he cries etc. Now it is important to note that while this does not happen to everyone, it is not a psychological problem, neither is it post natal depression.

So, what can you do? Stopping breastfeeding may not be the answer as you will be depriving your baby of all the vital nutrients he needs in his first few months of life. In some instances, just understanding what is going on is sufficient to help the mothers cope with the situation as they can identify when the symptoms start and stop. I hope this works for you.

In more extreme cases, there may be need to prescribe drugs which increase the level of dopamine in the body. Your doctor will determine what makes sense. Anti-depressants have not been found to be useful in this situation. I daresay more work will be done on this condition to better understand and provide relief for it shortly.

I hope understanding what’s going on helps you deal with this. If not, please see your doctor about options open to you. This too, shall pass :D

Have a great evening, y’all :)

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Daily Health Tips: Are Swollen Feet Normal In Pregnancy?

Q: Hello Doc, I want to find out if swollen feet are associated with pregnancy?

A: Good question…and yes, it is normal for the body to tend to retain more fluid during pregnancy apart from the fact that the uterus (womb) as it grows, puts pressure on the veins preventing the proper return of blood to the heart. Increased blood flow and hormonal changes (causing foot ligaments to relax and therefore bones to spread out) may also play roles in this.

To prevent this …or significantly reduce it, try the following:
• Wear comfortable shoes and try not to stay on your feet for too long.
• Kick up your feet and relax as often as you can.
• Exercise helps…gentle stretching and other exercises safe in pregnancy (speak with your doctor where in doubt as to what is safe) help to move the fluid along. In addition, foot exercises, are also great and would include gentle rotation of the ankles.
• Sleep on your side, drink sufficient fluids during the day and limit your salt intake….remember that for salt, if you can taste it, it’s definitely too much

Having said this, some swelling in pregnancy is due to a condition called pre-eclampsia. So, be sure to check with your obstetrician if the swelling observed appears to be sudden or indeed, worrying.

Have a great night y’all :D

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Daily Health Tips: Is My 2 Month Old Baby Constipated?

Q: Hello doctor, how are you today? Please doctor, I have a question I want to ask you but before, let me take this time out to appreciate your wonderful advice you have been giving us. Doctor, my baby is only 2months old and sometimes he does not defecate all d time. Sometimes this can go on for 2 days, sometimes 3,4 or even 5days! This is not affecting him emotionally as he is always happy, smiling and playing. Please Doctor, is he alright or is there anything I can do? Your advice will be duly appreciated doctor. God bless you real good!

A: Thank you for all your kind words :D

You didn’t note whether your baby is being exclusively breastfed or not. If your baby is exclusively breast fed (as he should be from birth to 6 months of age), the baby can sometimes go days without defaecation and is due to the fact that practically all the nutrients in breast milk are completely absorbed during each feed, such that there is little or nothing to excrete. However, it is expected that when baby does poop, the faeces should still be soft in consistency as opposed to hard, dry, pellet-like stool as occurs in constipation. If the stool is hard with exclusive breast feeding (?), please visit your baby’s paediatrician.

Formula fed babies, on the other hand, suffer from constipation because it is more difficult for a baby to digest formula than breast milk.

If your baby is dehydrated, perhaps from not taking enough fluids as may occur if she has a cold and is refusing feeds due to difficulty with breathing when feeding, ‘constipation’ may also occur. Other causes include food allergies and/or introduction of complementary fees as the body learns to handle these foods.

If your baby is on exclusive breast feeding, passing out dry, hard stools is unlikely. For formula feeds, try to give your baby more water and be sure that you are adding the right amount of formula to make the baby’s meals. If this continues, please see your baby’s doctor.

For more on this subject, please click on http://chatwithdrketch.com/2014/05/20/daily-health-tips-can-my-diet-cause-my-baby-to-have-diarrhea-while-breastfeeding/

Have a great night, y’all :D

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Daily Health Tips: Global Hand washing Day

Tomorrow is Global Hand washing Day!

Usually, when I would talk about hand washing, it would sound like stating the obvious. However, the outbreak of Ebola has made all of us sit up and appreciate the importance of hygiene. The ease with which Ebola is spreading in countries speaks volumes.

So, here’s my question to you. What’s the most important hygiene lesson that the outbreak of Ebola has taught you and/or your family?

Post a comment here and share your thoughts with us.

For more on hand washing, please click on the link below:





Have a fab day, people :)

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Daily Health Tips: Foot Swelling

Q: Good morning Dr. Ketch.
Hope you are good. May Allah continue to bless you and family and may He continue to increase you in your good works. . . Aameen.

Doc, please I need your help on something that is seriously disturbing. What might be the cause of my 54year-old brother In- Law’s foot being swollen? For something now his feet are swollen, to the extent that if he touches any part of it, it sinks though he feels little or no pain at all and after sometime the sunk in part comes back on its own.

So Doctor what can be done to remedy this, if there’s any? Thanks while I await your response
A: Swelling of the feet and ankles is known as peripheral oedema. This can happen normally towards the end of the day if one has been standing or sitting for long periods of time. And also when one is pregnant and/or has an ankle or foot injury.

There are many causes of foot swelling and they can broadly be divided into those that have to do with kidney problems, those as a result of problems with/blockage of the lymphatic drainage or problems with the circulatory system. Eg

• Kidney failure
• Hormone therapy
• Liver disease
• Clots in the leg (Deep Venous Thrombosis)
• Infection of the legs etc

So, advice him to go to a hospital and see a doctor who will run tests to determuine what is wrong woth him.

Have a great night, y’all :D

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