Daily Health Tips: Questions On Weight Loss

Daily Health Tip: Weight loss (facts and fiction)

There’s so much to talk about and I’ll also try to weigh in on some facts and fiction too.

I have a lot of people who write in and tell me that they don’t know why they add weight because they hardly eat! Now, I have never seen anyone who stays off food and actually gains weight. That would be an interesting study! For this group, the main problem is what is actually eaten when they do eat. Sometimes, people tell me, the only thing I’ve eaten all day is biscuits and a bottle of soft drink. The thing about biscuits and soft drinks is that they contain empty calories which give you a quick feeling of fullness, quickly followed by more hunger pangs…and then you find yourself reaching for more biscuits. If however, you were to eat a complex carbohydrate or even fruits, they keep you feeling fuller for longer…and so you avoid the temptation to eat more.

Some people also write in to ask me about slimming pills or green tea or any of those wonder drugs that make you shed weight on ‘seconds’ and instruct you never to eat of specific classes of foods. Let’s use green tea as an example. Green tea is great and studies have shown that it speeds up metabolism and so helps you break down all the food you’ve taken in, faster. However, weight gain is a function of what you’ve taken in and what you’ve taken out. If you take in 3000 calories and you’re able to burn only 500 calories, then clearly, there is some excess that will get converted to fat et al. Remember that some of our ‘snack’ like some burgers pack as much as 500 to 600 calories in one serving….and that’s just one meal (or maybe even snack ) with 3 more meals and perhaps another snack to account for. And so, if you are loading your system with more food than you need, then even the purest of green teas is going to have a hard time keeping up with your metabolism…there’s just too much work to do what with all that food! :D. Remember that generally, women are entitled to 2000 calories intake in a day and men are entitled to 2500.

Some ask, can I lose weight without exercise? And then some ask, I eat only once a day, how can I possibly add weight with that? Others want to know, how many meals should I eat in a day?

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Have a great day, people :D

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Personal Hygiene Tips Brought To You By Safeguard Nigeria​

Ever wondered why one person’s cold seems to become everyone’s problem as sooner than later, every other person starts sniffling? Well, here are some tips to help you avoid this problem.

Take a look at this:

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Daily Health Tips: Morning Sickness

Q: Hi, Dr Ketch, what can stop a pregnant woman from vomiting? In this case my wife she pregnant for 1 month then she’s vomiting almost every day. So what the health advice?

A: Morning sickness during pregnancy can be really trying! I know…I suffered through it! Oh boy! Thank God I’m over all of that now…I’m a grandmother in waiting :D

Now, for the rest of you who still have to go through this, I’ll share some tips.

The standard teaching is to try eating some bland foods like Crackers biscuits or dry toast. That personally didn’t work for me. I preferred tart things…which some may want to avoid. I loved lemons during my pregnancies. They were the one thing guaranteed to ‘wake up’ my mouth and chase nausea far away. I also had a particular brand of very tart bubble gum, I indulged in :D These were key for me because, though I didn’t have the real bad case of morning sickness that sent you to the hospital, brushing my teeth in the morning always sent me into a bout of retching/vomiting. So, I always had a ready supply of the gum or lemon/lime to pop into my mouth once I was done brushing/retching! Not a very pleasant memory ;D

So, if lemons work for you to prevent nausea, go for it. Remember that moderation is key. A few drops (one or two) in a glass of water are enough to provide that tart kick that sends nausea far away. There is a catch here though…remember the heart burn associated with pregnancy. The acid content of lemon might make the heart burn and any pre-existing gastro-esophageal (stomach and esophagus/gullet) problems worse. So, this is all the more reason to be very moderate or stop if it exacerbates an already bad case of heart burn. Wherever and whenever in doubt, please be sure to see your doctor.

Other tips:
• Eat little amounts of food frequently as an empty tummy increases the likelihood of throwing up. Remember this is not an excuse to binge and over eat :D
• Avoid fatty and greasy foods.
• Avoid smells that trigger nausea
• Cold foods may be preferable to hot as the former does not give off smells that may cause you to feel queasy.
• Get loads of fresh air and rest
• And drink sufficient fluids daily

More importantly, your wife needs your love and support more than ever. If she can’t stand cooking now, because of this, be supportive. Help out or ensure she has help. Knowing you’re on her side will most certainly help her cope with this.

Have a good night everyone :D

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Daily Health Tips: Sores And Rashes After Wearing My Sanitary Towel For 6 Hours!

Q: Hello Doc, I wore a pad for almost 6 hours. After I removed it, I developed itchy rashes. I scratched for days. I’ve now discovered sores and I don’t know which drugs to take. I even started suspecting my hubby of giving me STDs. Doc, it all happened fast. Please, help me Doc

A: Hallos! I love your narrative…the precise way you traced the story from where you believe it all started :D

Wearing a sanitary towel for up to 6 hours is really going up to the very maximum limit of normal! Try to aim for every 3 to 4 hours. Indeed, if your flow is more than usual, you’ll probably need to change more often. When you wear your sanitary towel for a long time, the wetness provides a rich culture medium for bacteria and other organisms to breed. This situation is made worse by the fact that menstrual cycle can also distort the normal balance in the vagina causing fungi to overgrow. This results in infection and vaginal itching.

This itching can lead to sores on the vulva which can also get infected. The sanitary towel that’s also been worn for a long time can rub against the things and cause chaffing/bruises. Antifungal pessaries and cream are usually sufficient to deal with the fungal infection. Read more here:


Now, I suggest you see your doctor to give you the once-over and take a sample of the vaginal discharge. This will ensure that we’ve got the right diagnosis and then proper treatment can be given.

Have a good night y’all :D

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Daily Health Tips: Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month

The month of May is Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month.

Are you a teenager? Are you able to have honest and open conversations with your parents, guardians or mentors about issues concerning sex or contraception? Do you feel comfortable telling them your thoughts on these matters? Would they be your first place to go if you were confused about something you heard your friends or peers discuss? Who do you ask when you’re confused about anything that concerns sexual and reproductive health? And this is a broad subject that includes sex, unplanned pregnancy, STDs, HIV/AIDS, Female Genital Mutilation etc.

Parents and/or guardians, would you even consider having a discussion about sex with your teenagers? Scratch that…let’s start with when your children were younger. Did you even tell them the proper names of their private body parts? Did you tell them the full implication of coming of age as happens in puberty? Did you indulge in those half-baked stories we heard a while ago about how girls would get pregnant if a boy so much as touched their hands…provided they had started menstruating? Do you think the teenager you were talking to believed you?

As the mother of teen and tween (that twilight zone before the real teens) :D daughters, I absolutely confess that it wasn’t as easy to have that chat with my first daughter as it was to give it to other teenagers. It got easier though and with my second daughter, and now we can all discuss all aspects of reproductive health without cringing, mentally or physically :D My son is still struggles…but we’re getting there :D

The US Department of Health and Human Services points out that the following groups of teenagers are less likely to get pregnant or get someone else pregnant:

• Those who have supportive parents that they can freely communicate with
• Those who have healthy family and peer relationships
• Those who have proper understanding of sexual and reproductive health
• Those who have knowledge of contraception and the importance of abstinence.
Teenagers more at risk of getting pregnant include
• Those that live in unstable homes (financially or emotionally)
• Those who were born to teenage mothers
• Those who use drugs of addiction. Remember that using these messes with good judgement
• Those who have sex at a young age
• Those with low self esteem.

Now, remember that risk factors are just as the name implies…factors that increase your risk :D It does not follow that people who live in homes with conflict must have teenage pregnancies. No! It just means they need to be aware of their increased risk (loaded gun) and be sure not to pull the trigger…and get pregnant.

So, if you’re a teenager, who taught you about sexual health? Is this discussed in your school and can you ask your parents questions?

If you’re a parent, are you providing adequate information and a safe home environment where your children can thrive in all ways? Are you comfortable discussing these issues with your children? Are you aware that if you’re not providing this education yourself, you’re probably allowing your teenager to learn from his friends and/or the internet…where he/she may very well be learning all the wrong things!

I trust I have provided a lot of food for thought. Write in and let me know what you think.

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Have a great night y’all :D

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Daily Health Tips: Why Does My Daughter Love Eating Soil/Sand?

Q: My kid of 2 years has a craving for soil. How can I stop her?

A: As children grow and discover their hands and their ability to pick up things, they also decide on a favourite destination….the mouth! :D And so, things like sand, dirty socks etc may end up in baby’s mouth (I hope not!!!). That’s not what this post is about. If that’s what’s happening with your baby, please be more careful about what’s in baby’s direct path and things she can easily access to put in his mouth. Otherwise, she’ll be fine and as she grows older, she realizes that sand doesn’t quite taste nice :D

What this post is about is the constant and repetitive eating of items that have no nutritional value like soil, ice shavings etc is called pica. The list of non-food items eaten include paint chips, hair, glue, soap, tooth paste, chalk, hair and the list goes on!

Causes of non-food cravings include:
• Pregnancy: it is thought, though, that women with pica in pregnancy probably had this before pregnancy or have a positive family history of it.
• Deficiency of some nutrients like iron and zinc. Talking about iron, do you know that one out of every two women of reproductive age in Nigeria is likely to have anaemia (shortage of red blood cells)? Out of this number, half of them are likely to have iron deficiency anaemia. Question is, are you likely to be one of these women? Do you eat enough green leafy veggies? Do you use iron fortified seasonings or foods? Discussion for another day!
• Poverty can also lead to this as children and adults alike look for ‘things’ to fill their tummies. In the same way, people on fad diets, look for non-food items with little or no calories to fill their tummies and take the edge off their hunger
• It has also been found that some developmental problems like autism may be responsible.
The exact cause of pica has to be found out as it puts the child at risk of:
• Lead poisoning from eating paint
• Bacterial and parasitic infection from eating sand
• Constipation by eating things like hair or even obstruction of the intestines!

If pica is due to learned behavior, a therapist will work with child to ‘unlearn’ this and restrict access to these non-food items. The doctor will also look out for nutrient deficiencies etc. Usually, this would last for a couple of months…except where compounded by a mental or developmental problem.

So, first steps: restrict access to these items and take her in to see her paediatrician as soon as possible.

All the best…hugs

Have a great night y’all :)

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Daily Health Tips: Why Does My 11-Year Old Daughter Have Painful Lumps In Her Underarms?

Q: Hello Dr Ketch, My eleven-year old daughter is having pains under her armpit with tiny swellings in one spot. Please help me. What is this and what do I do? Thanks.

A: Hallos :D

Pain and swelling in the underarm can be very uncomfortable. There are a couple of things that can trigger these:

• Deodorants: These can cause skin irritation which can lead to boils. The delicate and sensitive skin of the underarms and the sweat that can accumulate there making it a rich culture medium for germs are factors that have been implicated. Solution: You may have to try another one…find one without fragrance or perhaps, formulated for sensitive skin. Reading the labels will provide this information :)

• Shaving: A lot of people can identify with this…bumps in the underarm after shaving. This can happen if you do not shave properly. Try shaving after taking a bath when the hair is moist and the skin hydrated. If this does not suffice, you may have to find alternative means of removing underarm hair eg depilatory cream.

• Infection of the hair follicles from cuts or injuries to the underarm, or from friction caused by wearing tight clothing. So, be careful while shaving and try to wear clothes that are more loose fitting (especially under the arms) and/or focus on fabrics that can ‘breathe’ like cotton

• Dirt or debris from excessive sweating can clog up hair follicles leading to painful lumps. Personal hygiene is key. Don’t be miserly with bathing and be sure to ‘take care’ of the underarms and other areas like the groin that tend to accumulate sweat and raise a stink :D

• Infections due to viruses or bacteria.

• Cancer of the breast may also present like this.

I hope this helps. If none of these solutions help, please take her in to see her doctor. Fingers crossed, it’s nothing more serious :)

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Have a great night, y’all :D

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